art resources | art education | art goals | sell your art | art businessEach year there is always an anti-resolution campaign.  I see it and I know, I get it.  I’ve heard some complaints through Twitter and elsewhere about New Year’s Resolutions and really I get it.  It can feel arbitrary and fake with so many people choosing to make goals they have no intention of reaching.  And why is it any more important than any other time of year?  All of this being said, I can’t convey enough the importance of goal setting.

I wish I could take you into my classroom when one of my students is reflecting on personal goals.  I have asked them to set goals quarterly in the course and they reflect on the goals set at the end of every quarter.  Yes, not all of them meet their goals but more work towards the goals they set than not.  And all of that effort produces greater results than not goal setting.

Maybe the New Year isn’t a time that suits you, but why not?  What does it hurt to aim for something more for yourself, whether it is health or creativity related?  Even if you only do a little to reach it, won’t that “little” be more than nothing?  Doesn’t the act of creating a goal encourage self-reflection, something important to personal development?

This year I did not decide on one large goal as I did in 2010, at least not a goal as measurable and specific.  I want to build my business into something stronger and more financially viable.  As I discussed in SMART goal setting, amorphous goals are harder to work towards so creating specific tasks or steps to reach the larger aim is important.

Currently I am reading The Artist’s Guide by Jackie Battenfield.  It holds wonderful advice and insights and I’m only in the first chapters!  One thing I’ve begun, per her suggestion, is the creation of a calendar just for my art business.  On it I write when blog posts are due, competition deadlines, etc.  I also list one or two items that are tasks to complete by the end of the month.  I already have a clearer vision of steps I can take to reach my goal of a successful, self-sustaining business.  Now, when mapping out a calendar, I needed start and stop dates so I can reflect on my progress and take new steps to build upon my endeavor.  I ask you, what seems to be a most practical timeline to you?!  Want to buy the book?  Click here.

Now I have no excuses about missing deadlines for different artist events.  And I can tell you my students perform better and are more successful in all of their subjects and endeavors when they map out a plan of attack and set goals for themselves; why would that be any different for adults?!

Some people fear goal setting.  Why?  Because if you set a goal, you might not achieve it.  Isn’t it better to try and keep trying than always wonder, what if?  I have a deep respect for those who trial and fail compared to those who never try and are always dreaming.  Live the dream, we will have a better world for it.

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BE COURAGEOUSLY CREATIVE: Don’t like the idea of a New Year’s Resolution?  Then set monthly goals or weekly goals to work towards something important to you.  Create a calendar that will help you measure out and balance all of your tasks so you can realize your dream!