I have a secret: you can improve your drawing skill dramatically IF you use the right formula.


And that’s not all…


you have a unique artist voice to share with the world. You’ve had it all along.

Do you ever wish you were better at drawing?

Even after I got a degree in studio art and art history, I still didn’t feel like my skill was up to par. In fact, I’d look at artists in magazine interviews, or on Instagram and feel a pang of jealousy. I’d ask myself: why is this self-taught artist more skillful than I am? It starts to make you think art is a talent and you either have it. Or, you don’t.

Have you ever felt like you were behind when you look at other artists?

I would constantly compare myself to artists who felt ahead of me and wonder when I’d “catch up.” But over time, I realized this was all about mindset. And the real truth was: I could build my skill AND find my voice.

Do you create art, but still struggle to see what about the work is uniquely yours?

Finding voice and building skill share one important ingredient: dedicated practice time for your art. It involves making a lot of “bad” art to get to the good stuff. And it took me a life threatening surgery, possibly going blind, and getting an artwork exhibited at the Smithsonian to realize: life is short and it’s time to stop dreaming and start aiming for those goals of mine.

Hi. My name is Carrie and I created Artist Strong to help you refine your skills and develop your unique artist voice.

You can be a working artist, a hobbyist, or someone who has never had an art class. This space is for your inspiration and motivation. I will help you develop accountability in your life to honor your creative dreams.

You know life is short. It’s why you choose creativity. It’s why you are here, today.

You’ve been part of a system that tells you your interest in the arts is not important nor valuable.

Despite a deep knowing that your creative voice needs to speak, our society communicates that art is unimportant. Thus, when we choose our art over family, what does that say about our priorities?!

I’m committed to helping 1 million artists build their skill and find their voice. Because I know when we all fully express ourselves, we create a better place to live. I’m determined to help make big changes in the world. I want to shout from rooftops:

If you don’t value and invest in your creativity, who will?

Join the community today. Build your skill and discover your unique artist voice.

I’m ready for this world to change.

Are you?

Artist Strong Appreciation

Carrie Brummer is living her creative life with so much passion and intention that I was compelled to reach out not only to soak up her colorful rays, but to convey the impact she has had through her website www.ArtistStrong.com on my creative social work practice.

I have found Carrie to be compassionate, caring, talented and giving. Artist Strong is jam packed with resources and creative ideas to jump start not only practice, but life. In just a short amount of time, Carrie has already empowered me with a variety of resources that will impact the sustainability of my business.

I am looking forward to learning, growing and collaboratively creating a better world with Carrie as an ally in my social change work.

Sunya Folayan

Social worker, Ph.d candidate, multidisciplinary artist and creative activist for social change

I was initially skeptical about taking an online art class, but decided to give it a try. The Art Detox: Book Art was inspiring! I am totally energized and fearless – and having so much fun. Warning: It’s highly addictive!!!

Thank you, Carrie, for being such a wonderful and generous teacher/coach/facilitator – for providing so many ideas, techniques, and resources that will last long beyond the timeframe of the course.

Lisa Cohen

I cannot say enough good things about the Artist Strong Facebook group and the Webinars hosted by Carrie Brummer. I am a self taught artist so there are technical things and practical things that I did not know to learn…until Artist Strong.

My favorite webinars so far have been about figure drawing and learning about value.  It has made such a huge difference in my growth as an artist. I also appreciate that the Facebook group is such a diverse group of artists who gently give feedback and encouragement.

If you are looking for a place where you can be safe to learn and try new techniques while being supported by other artists then Artist Strong is the place for you!  Thank you Carrie for everything you do to make Artist Strong a wonderful place to learn and grow.

Leanne Schuetz

Improve your drawing skills in 7 days

My introductory self portrait for altered books class. last time i ran the course i investigated humor through romance novels. this time i want to do something for my father. a year ago i was in india having the time of my life at a yoga festival. wh

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