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How to Create Art From Your Imagination

Hi, I’m Carrie.

I help artists who:

>>make space for a home studio

>>stare at their canvas wondering, “what’s next?”

>>piecemeal a curriculum of art classes through YouTube, Pinterest and art bundles

>>ache to fully express themselves through their art

>>struggle to reflect a unique voice/style in their art

Together we move from feeling frustrated with the progress of our art, questioning why we’ve invested all this time (and money!),

to making unique art where we proudly proclaim, “I’m the artist!”

Art is no longer a hobby we squeeze in when we can or feel guilty making time for, it’s a way of life.

…Is this you? Book a time to speak with me on Zoom so we can determine how I can best help you. Let’s fill that void together.

Art does more than change the world: it changes YOU. Today let's talk art, needing permission, and validation

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How I Help You

Fantastic Faces in 5-Days Course

Go from drawing mediocre portraits to uncovering everything you need to produce something really lifelike

Learn How to ArtSpeak

READ to begin building the confidence to talk about your art with anyone, anytime. 

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About Carrie

I know what its like to want all the time in the world for your art, but then when you have some, you end up sitting there in your studio, wondering what to do.

Perhaps you, too, have heard your inner critic whisper,

“Time wasted…”

“Not the right time…”

“Not enough time…”

trying to lure you to believe the lie that someday is better than today.

I am a Mom to a strong, smart almost 4-year-old, a fur-mom to a doodle that’s more muppet than dog, and currently live outside Houston, Texas after 13 years in the Middle East and Canada.

When I’m not playing board games with my hubby, I’m baking chocolate chip cookies with tahini (try it!), obsessively reading non-fiction, and making my own art.

Sign up to speak with me so we can create a plan of action to execute together.

What I loved the most was your authentic and honest way of listening to my questions and giving your feedback…I love that you also discuss the emotions and business side of being an artist. I feel that you care and you have helped me to stay focused.

You are amazing and a true gift for all artists!

Karin Holmström

Thank you Carrie! I have learned so much from you, and the Artist Strong community. Finding you and this group several years ago made all the difference for me to pursue art AND think of myself as an artist, despite the “self-taught” stigma 😉

Pam Serr

In just a short amount of time, Carrie has already empowered me with a variety of resources that will impact the sustainability of my business.

Sunya Folayan

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