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Have you ever wondered just how long you should look at an artwork?

Are you embarrassed or nervous if someone asks you about your art?

Walk away from this book with concrete strategies you can use to not only speak confidently about your own art, but confidently interpret and share your opinions about all art you choose to talk about.

While many artists wish to hide away in their studio making art, in order to grow an audience, to show or to sell, you have to participate in the sharing and discussion of your art.

Artspeak outlines two strategies you can use to interpret art and then digs into the feedback process. “Critique” sounds like a scary word (and it can be when used in the wrong way.) Artspeak will show you how to use critique experiences to help confidently express your ideas, and even improve your art.

This guide is filled with information, support and artwork to help you understand how to talk about art. It explains each of the different artist building blocks used to make (and talk) about art. The book also includes examples of art being interpreted to help you apply these concepts. You’ll have my help and the help of several guest artists who have joined me for this valuable conversation.

Start feeling confident to talk about your art today. 

What are artist building blocks?

In ArtSpeak, you learn the building blocks that artists use to create their art and how to use them to reflect on and improve the artwork you create.

Experience the wisdom of practicing artists

Artists from Artist Strong share their art and their approach to talking about their art so you have varied examples of how to talk about YOUR art.

Includes visuals to enhance understanding

This guide is filled with images to help you practice and build confidence in talking about art.

Don't make the same mistakes Carrie did

Carrie shares her stories and experiences with art critique as well as giving and receiving feedback so you don’t have to make the same mistakes she did!

What Readers Say…

About The Author

the author

Carrie Brummer is a visual artist, and has had work displayed in The Smithsonian and The Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.

Trained as an artist and professional educator, she taught for years around the world before creating Artist Strong, an online artists’ community and school. 

She now runs courses and coaches artists on their work. Build your skill and develop your unique artist voice at

What Readers Say…

Artspeak taught me how to look at art pieces objectively. I can now hold my own in a conversation about art as I have the tools provided in the book. I feel as if knowing how to analyze my own art makes me feel as if it is really mine..not some magically produced piece! As if I can now give myself credit for producing it and being a part of it.


Jackie Hussey Poulouktsi

@Jackiepoulouktsi on Instagram

Carrie, I just want to say you are so awesome for all that you share for artists! My heart is full of love and appreciation for you.

Becky Chappell

For me the WIN is finding a community of artists interested in growth. I am celebrating the confidence from the positive feedback and the growth from hearing different perspectives. Since I am self/online-taught, I crave that constructive critique for encouragement.

Tia Sunshine on Instagram

I love this place to share ideas and art without judgment. This is helping me grow more comfortable putting my art out there. Thank you!

Heather Morstad

@heathermorstad on Instagram

Artist Strong is jam packed with resources and creative ideas to jump start not only practice, but life. In just a short amount of time, Carrie has already empowered me with a variety of resources that will impact the sustainability of my business.


Sunya testimonial

Sunya Folayan

@Sunfolayan on Instagram

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