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Creative Spirit Lucas Seaward

Lucas Seaward is a Canadian painter, photographer and graphic designer who has always been fascinated with the complex relationship between man and nature. Inspired by his journey to Fort McMurray in 2008, Lucas discovered the immense scale of the industrial...

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Do you want to consume or create?

Research, research, research. The Internet is chock full of amazing resources to help you be your best artist. I have a question for you, though. Hi. My name is Carrie, and today on Artist Strong, I want to ask you, "Do you want to consume or do you want to create?"...

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Top Art Blogs and Podcasts

What online resources do you have for your art inspiration? Hi my name's Carrie and today on Artist Strong I'm going to breakdown and share some of the resources that keep me motivated and making. The first resource that I consistently refer to is The Jealous Curator...

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Creative Spirit Victoria Wilson of Smile Revolution

Victoria is a Dental Hygiene Therapist, and has worked in Dentistry for 15 years. She recently completed a BSc in Oral Health Promotion. Victoria is totally dedicated to her profession and her philosophy that everyone deserves a healthy happy smile. Despite working in...

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What are high and low resolution images?

Did you know that you should avoid publishing your artwork online using high resolution imagery? What is high resolution imagery? What does low res mean? Hi, my name is Carrie, and today on Artist Strong, I'm going to break down these terms for you. Resolution refers...

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How to improve your art skills

Do you want specific strategies to improve your skill as artist? Look no further. Hi, my name is Carrie, and today on Artist Strong we're going to review the book called Peak, written by Anders Ericsson. It's all about expertise, and talks about specific strategies we...

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Best Practices: Drawing from Photo Reference

A lot of artists fail to realize that it's unethical, and sometimes even illegal, to use any image you find online to draw from or create your art. Hi, my name is Carrie, and today on Artist Strong I want to talk about the ethical use of photo references, and how you...

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Creative Spirit Scratchcraft

Dan wears a few different creative hats. During the day he is an in-house marketing department creative director and designer. When he isn't toiling away at his day job, Dan would probably best define himself as a maker, putting a lot of attention on his...

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What are the benefits of drawing?

Hi, my name's Carrie. Today, on Artist Strong, we are going to break down the benefits that I have discovered from building our skills in drawing. Drawing helps you see. Our brain has to deal with a whole lot of stimuli every day. Lots and lots of information is...

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Create an Original Artwork in 10 Days

Play with me in the Soulbrush Sessions: ten days of creative prompts that guide you to your unique artist voice.

It's an experience that shows you something deep down you already know: you’ve always been an artist. Unleash your inner artist --> get stARTed today!

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Have you worked from online tutorials or taken an art e-course but walked away with no new skills? What if you could take a class that encourages individual, personal expression AND teaches specific skills to grow as an artist? Welcome to Soulbrush Sessions: Altered Books:

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