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How to Be an Artist: The Art History Babes

  The Art History Babes are four women (Corrie Hendricks, Natalie De La Torre, Virginia Van Dine, and Jennifer Gutierrez) that received their Master’s in Art History from the University of California, Davis in 2017. They became close friends during their experience in...

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How to Be an Artist: Clare Galloway

Clare is an artist, writer and visionary, with a colorful career in various countries with her paintings, books, projects and pop-up events. She’s now based in a magical arthouse in an Italian hilltown, from where she inspires others to reach their immense creative...

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How to Be an Artist: Gracie Pekrul

🧡 #marchforourlives #gracieleeart #neveragain #enough #marchforourlivesla #parkland17 #honor17 #msdstrong #stonemandouglas A post shared by Gracie Lee Pekrul (@gracieleeart) on Mar 24, 2018 at 5:47pm PDT Gracie Pekrul is a 16 year old, self taught artist from the Los...

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How to be an Artist: Jennifer Mercede

  Originally from the East Coast, and now living in Portland, OR, Jennifer Mercede’s primarily abstract paintings consist of free flow text, bright color fields, and energetic doodling. She is inspired by funky color combinations, children’s art, graffiti and abstract...

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How to be an Artist: Rachel Maes

Rachel Maes is a self taught artist that has grown her collection of work from small canvas to large murals and art installations. Although mural work is her primary focus, she can still be found painting furniture and decor items from time to time.   Rachel is...

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How to Sell More Art

Let’s be honest. Today, the word sales or sales person has bad connotation. It comes from the world of pre-internet days when there was a knowledge gap: when sellers had more information about the product than buyers.   While today’s world of information-technology...

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How to Be an Artist: Colleen Gray

Colleen Gray is a Metis artist who not only creates her own art, but helps those in need. She also has created a service project for herself and others to help artists of all ages in remote communities of Northern Canada. Carrie: When did you first realize the...

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7 Lessons I’d Tell My Early Artist Self

There are so many lessons as an artist that we uncover as we create. Unfortunately, some of these lessons can stop artists before they even start.   Hi my name is Carrie and I run Artist Strong: a community space dedicated to helping you build your skill and develop...

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How to Be An Artist: Annamieka Davidson

Annamieka Davidson is a painter based in Portland, Oregon and she leads art retreats out in the Oregon wilderness. She teaches a lively mixed-media painting process that combines botany & nature with collage & acrylic paint. She sends a weekly newsletter with...

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