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Why Artists Work in Series

A lot of art marketing advice tells artists to have a singular style or approach to their art because this can help build trust and maintain collectors. Yet, this advice can feel really limiting as an artist.   Thankfully, there is another way to develop your...

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How to Be an Artist: Linda Ursin

Linda Ursin is a wildly creative, intuitive, artist & creative consultant providing creative kicks in the pants when you need it. She mainly gets her artistic inspiration from mythology & the local landscapes & wildlife.   She lets her intuition guide...

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How to Copy Other Artists

There have been so many times as an artist I feel like I discover a brilliant and new idea only to find another artist has had a similar idea. Instead of giving up and stopping here, I’ve begun to realize that’s the beginning of finding your unique artist voice....

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How to be an Artist: Becky J. Chappell

Becky has been painting and drawing most of her life. She loves capturing the vibrancy of color, light and form.   Becky loves the spontaneity in her style of painting; being in the moment … to her painting is the closest thing to being in love. For Becky,...

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How to be an Artist: Nikki Galloway

Nicola Galloway is an artist and educator who creates figurative paintings within a landscape setting. The paintings are often ethnic in appearance with the suggestion of a tropical or desert background.   Each piece is built up using a series of painted layers...

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How to Find Your Artist Voice

One of my favorite parts of being a high school teacher was teaching IB Art, a two year art program. There was a moment every year when a frustrated student, who felt their art was boring or like everyone else’s, discovered the common thread that connect their art....

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Creative Spirit Kara Bullock

Kara Bullock is an artist that resides in Southern California with her husband Jeff and their three children.  She has been teaching since 1998.  Kara’s career started as an elementary school teacher in 1998. But in 2008 she began teaching college courses, online, to...

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How to take Art Action

“I’m only one person, how can I possibly make a difference?” This is the question we’ve investigated all month long here on Artist Strong. Hi, my name is Carrie and I help artists like you refine your skill and develop your unique artist voice.   Today, I’m going...

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Creative Spirit The Art House Café

Creative Spirit Geneviève Bétournay is art director of Art House Café, a community artist space in the heart of Ottawa, Canada. Art House Café hosts regular art exhibits, such as the current Fall Exhibition as well as provides private showing opportunities for...

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Create an Original Artwork in 10 Days

Play with me in the Soulbrush Sessions: ten days of creative prompts that guide you to your unique artist voice.

It's an experience that shows you something deep down you already know: you’ve always been an artist. Unleash your inner artist --> get stARTed today!

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Have you worked from online tutorials or taken an art e-course but walked away with no new skills? What if you could take a class that encourages individual, personal expression AND teaches specific skills to grow as an artist? Welcome to Soulbrush Sessions: Altered Books:

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