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How to Be An Artist: Annamieka Davidson

Annamieka Davidson is a painter based in Portland, Oregon and she leads art retreats out in the Oregon wilderness. She teaches a lively mixed-media painting process that combines botany & nature with collage & acrylic paint. She sends a weekly newsletter with...

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How To Be An Artist: Kirsten Lee

Kirsten Lee is a multimedia artist masquerading as a horse trainer and riding instructor. Her current explorations involve photography, acrylic painting, fiber arts (including knitting with steel) and mixed media assemblage aka junk piling. Her heart  for restoring...

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How To Be An Artist: Cathleen Nardi

Cathleen is the owner/designer of Quiloha, a company dedicated to “Spreading Aloha one quillo at a time.”  Quillos are unique one-of-a-kind personal quilts that showcase Hawaiian, Asian and batik fabrics.  Cathleen’s art is influenced by her love of decoupage, a...

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How To Be An Artist: Lynn Radford

      Lynn Radford is a mixed media artist and writer who loves to reuse and re-purpose all manner of items in her work. She is the creator of Trash Bubbles and Cigar Band Collage Coasters. Collage and assemblage are her favorite mediums. Lynn is the resident artist...

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How To Be An Artist: Katharina Andrea

  Katharina has a very colourful artist practice. She writes, paints, makes music and likes to express herself in many ways. CREATIVE PLAY is a way to connect with herself and with the world.   Carrie: What is your earliest creative memory? Good question. I remember...

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How To Be An Artist: Judith Farr

Judith Farr is an artist from London who is based in Spain. Keywords that inform her work include chaos and contrast. An ongoing investigation of colour and texture is carried out principally through combining unexpected elements and to some extent managing the...

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How To Be An Artist: Roberta Mockus

Roberta Mockus is an artist, mother, and struggles with mental illness.   Since childhood, Roberta found solace in the simplicity of coloring, a medium she has returned to. She has shown in galleries and is privately and publicly collected. It wasn't until mid career...

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How to Be an Artist: Linda Ursin

Linda Ursin is a wildly creative, intuitive, artist & creative consultant providing creative kicks in the pants when you need it. She mainly gets her artistic inspiration from mythology & the local landscapes & wildlife.   She lets her intuition guide her choices of...

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How to be an Artist: Becky J. Chappell

Becky has been painting and drawing most of her life. She loves capturing the vibrancy of color, light and form.   Becky loves the spontaneity in her style of painting; being in the moment … to her painting is the closest thing to being in love. For Becky, painting...

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