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Abstract Art: How do you know it’s finished?

In this art lesson we talk about how to finish an abstract artwork. Using an example of student work we discuss: is it finished? How do you know when it’s finished? I talk about movement and why it’s important to take time to study the work and how our eyes travel...

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The Art of Creating Edges (in Your Art)

This is a topic I wish I knew about when I was a beginner artist. Taking the time to study this and practicing observing this detail can make all the difference between an artwork that jumps off the canvas and one that feels a little bit flat. I’m speaking today...

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Is measuring your art cheating?

I’ve seen so many people placing judgement on others for using tools that help improve their art. When I taught high school students, one of the curriculums/exams we used even requested students NOT use the grid method. This kind of dialogue leads many of us to...

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How to Focus on Form in Your Art

In this drawing lesson we demonstrate that while cross-contour studies aren’t used directly in an artwork doing this kind of study can help you train your eyes to see things you might not otherwise see in your work. Half the work of being an artist is training our...

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Negative Space Art Lesson

Negative space studies are a great practice opportunity for beginning artists, or creatives who are looking to refresh their skill. When we explore a specific element of art such as negative space it means we are also limiting the results of the final drawing or...

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Value Art Lesson: Using White on White

Simplifying doesn’t mean it’s easy. For example, a great way to test your knowledge and understanding of the element of art VALUE is to do one of two things (or both!). Option One: Set up a still life of entirely white objects with a white background. Draw or paint...

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What feeling behind really means

“I’m so behind…” Every single time I run a class I hear this from at least one student.  I signed up for a class called Uncluttered to help me declutter my home. It has nothing to do with art-making, (except for when I finally address my art studio, ha!) but there was...

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How to use measuring in your art

I talk about measuring in art, especially when it comes to learning how to draw people accurately, but really, if you want to learn how to draw anything you want, measuring is a tool you should use all the time. I often have students bristle at this word “measuring.”...

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Using Contour Drawings to Create Unique Art

When you think of drawing, do you think of outlining?  Deborah shared she had never really thought about drawing except as the act of outlining. It got me thinking: How many people reflect on the internalized and unspoken definitions they have of art, and in this...

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