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Artist Mythbusting: The “Talented” Artist

I have an article on Artist Strong, and it's called: "Is Art a Skill or a Talent?" It's one of my most visited posts on the website. Why? Because lots of people don't understand the truth that making art is a skill based activity. Hi, my name's Carrie and today on...

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Creative Spirit Priscilla Daniels

Priscilla is a self taught artist currently living in Las Vegas Nevada. She works in mixed media, acrylics, oils and inks. In her work she creates imagery that aims to express human experiences, emotions, love, hope, life, and change. Carrie: Welcome Priscilla, when...

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Artist Mythbusting: The “Starving” Artist

Countless people give up on their hopes and dreams of selling their art before they even start. Why is that? Hi my name's Carrie and today on Artist Strong, we're gonna discuss the myth of the starving artist. One false assumption I see both artist and non-artists...

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Artist Mythbusting: The “Crazy” Artist

There are so many reasons we have this idea of crazy and artist when we think about the arts. But have you ever taken some time to break down this myth and really understand it? Hi, my name's Carrie and today on Artist Strong we are going to really dig into this myth...

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Creative Spirit The Lonely Palette

Tamar is a Boston-born art historian and radio producer.  She holds a BA in English and Art History from the University of Toronto, and an MA in Art History from Tufts University.  She spent 8 years teaching art history at various colleges around Boston, and has...

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How can a background improve your art?

One way to have your art feel more finished is to really assess how you're using the backgrounds in your art. Hi, my name's Carrie, and today on Artist Strong we're going to talk about how making very thoughtful, mindful choices about the backgrounds within our...

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How artists can face online trolls

Recently I've received some really nasty comments and emails from people who I would say are not part of our community. Hi, my name is Carrie, and today on Artist Strong I want to talk about how we can all deal with the negativity that can come our way by sharing our...

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Why do artists keep an inventory of their art?

The word "organization" can sound daunting to anyone. Why should we take time away from making our art to create an art inventory? Hi, my name is Carrie. Today on Artist Strong, I'm going to talk to you about the many benefits of creating an art inventory and how it...

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Creative Spirit Janelle Gurchinoff

Janelle Gurchinoff is a Michigan-based artist and the owner of Spirit Cat. After getting her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, Janelle worked as a graphic designer for 20 years. Having little creative freedom over the years, she ended up feeling totally lost and depleted....

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Create an Original Artwork in 10 Days

Play with me in the Soulbrush Sessions: ten days of creative prompts that guide you to your unique artist voice.

It's an experience that shows you something deep down you already know: you’ve always been an artist. Unleash your inner artist --> get stARTed today!

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