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How to Be an Artist: Willow Paule

Willow Paule is a documentary photographer, educator and blogger currently living in Indonesia. As an introvert, she uses photography as a tool to connect and explore her curiosity about other people. Her photographs tell the intimate stories of everyday people and...

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How to Be an Artist: Emily McLaughlin

Emily is a mixed-media illustrator, with a preference for watercolor and digital art. She is a recent graduate from Montgomery County Community College with an Associates in Fine Arts, and had the joy and privilege of being the Editor-in-Chief of the college’s art and...

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How to Be an Artist: Holly Dean

Holly Dean is an artist and art educator who believes EVERYONE (and I mean everyone) deserves to have play in their life. She helps people embrace their creativity and celebrate the joy, health, and better quality of life play brings to your life.   In this next...

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How to Be an Artist: Alexandra Finkeldey

  Alex Finkeldey is a freelance illustrator based in Ottawa, Canada. She is the artist behind Scatterbee Illustration & Design. She uses both traditional and digital mediums to capture her favourite subjects, which typically include animals, people, plants,...

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5 Different Ways to Frame Your Art

It’s a time of celebration: you’ve been accepted into that group show you’ve always wanted to be part of, or maybe you even have the fortune of preparing for your first solo show! How do you prepare that work so it’s “gallery ready?” Is there a right or wrong way to...

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How to Be an Artist Creator Profile: Anne Ruthmann

Today in our series How to Be an Artist, our Creator Profile features multi-passionate creative Anne Ruthmann. Her work focuses on photography but she’s also about to take a hiatus to travel the world! In this conversation we talk about: what finding voice and style...

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How to Kick Creative Block to the Curb

I deeply want to create and I also don't want to create... Can you relate to this? “With this time off I figured I would be creating non stop. But when I get to my studio I feel blocked. It feels like a chore and I end up doing anything else. I deeply want to create...

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Creator Profile: Gabriela Warrior Renaud

Today in our series How to Be an Artist, our Creator Profile features documentary filmmaker Gabriela (Gaby) Warrior Renaud. She’s currently working on a full-length documentary called Hyphen, all about the experience of being mixed race in Canada. In this...

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Does a grid help or hurt your finished art?

The grid method is a strategy employed by artists to help them create stronger compositions, and capture realistic scenes on their paper or canvas. Some people call it cheating. Some don’t. Hi my name is Carrie and here on Artist Strong I help artists like you build...

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