Artist Strong Values

Artist Strong is a community artist space that helps artists build their skill and develop their unique artist voice. 

We share art, ideas, and develop our skill together across different spaces. These include:, Online Courses, Instagram, and Facebook (Facebook page) and Community Spaces associated with different paid programs ).

Should you join this community and participate in any of our spaces, these are the expectations I hold not only of myself and anyone I hire in the future, but of the people participating. Please be aware so you can ensure Artist Strong is aligned with your values.

If your values don’t align I please ask that you seek another art community; it is very likely you won’t have your needs met here.

If you see one of our spaces violated notify me, Carrie, with email header SOS so I can respond as quickly as I can.

Last updated: Nov 17, 2022


It is in our human nature, and our right, to be creative.

This looks like:

Offering free and paid programming and services to make art accessible to people of all economic means.

Offering opportunities to showcase people in our community through interviews and artist residencies.

Celebrating and sharing diverse opportunities for different groups of people, including but not limited to: women, BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and disabled communities.

Including either transcripts or closed captions, (and working to include both) in our free and paid programming.

We celebrate the varied reasons people make art. 

Our society and culture does not reward or encourage us to play and enjoy art. Let’s be the example to everyone around us that art is valuable because we enjoy it.

This looks like:

Creating play opportunities in our spaces.

Making art for the pure joy of play.

Making art to make a statement or support a cause you care about.

Creating content for artists seeking strategies and skills to realize this desire.

Highlighting artists in our community and elsewhere who are examples of both, so we have ideas of what our personal artist practice can look like.

Giving ourselves permission to be the artist we are, rather than feeling pressure to adhere to societal notions of what our art should or shouldn’t be about.

This includes respecting other people’s decisions about how and why they make art.

We are a learning community.

This looks like:

How do I/can I help support different people in getting results from my free and paid content?

Seeking and developing strategies of differentiation to build into our community.

This currently includes: Weekly Check-Ins (video calls), Email Reminders and Video content that includes transcripts and audio clips for Self-Taught to Self-Confident. Both live and asynchronous learning opportunities are available.

We celebrate different skill levels as well as different media.

There is no one path to building skill or developing artist voice. We encourage each artist to find the path that aligns with their goals, heart, and spirit. 

We embrace artists of all abilities with goals from being a hobby-ist to seeking gallery representation. We all have something to learn from one another.

Copyright and cultural appropriation 

Copying of any kind is only permitted when it’s in the study and research of an artist’s work. (In this scenario, I actively encourage it as a form of study). It is important to credit the original artist.

If an artist is found to be selling or promoting work as their original art that is not their copyright or not from their culture they will be removed from the community spaces we have (even if they have paid for a program).

We embrace being uncomfortable, an important part of developing skill by challenging ourselves in how we think about art as well as how and why we make it.

Artist Strong provides blog posts, vlogs, challenges, and paid programming that encourage these discussions and practices.

We engage in these conversations with respect when artists share their unique experiences.

Feedback is an important and necessary part of artistic growth.

This looks like:

Offering feedback only when someone asks for it. 

Being clear about your own boundaries when asking for feedback. 

Artist Strong includes feedback workshops in paid programs to help establish these boundaries, and will work to develop a workshop on feedback for free communities.

Don’t assume. 

Ask clarifying questions when needed.

Ask yourself: is my comment in service of this person’s art?

Practice active listening. 

Do not listen to only bolster your argument in a discussion. 

Instead, listen and ask more questions to better understand the other perspective.

Instead of feeling defensive in response to feedback that doesn’t align, we ask ourselves, what truth is available for me in this moment to help inform my art?

Kindness is how we communicate.

This looks like:

Respecting when someone shares the pronouns they use and then using them in reference to that person.

You can share your pronoun by starting any comment or post in our community spaces with:




 for example.

Unsure? Use they/them.

Posting self-promotional content ONLY in the designated places unless otherwise approved by Carrie to make room for meaningful dialogue within our community spaces.

This also means no FB Lives in any of our FB spaces without Carrie’s express permission.

Promo means a link to your blog, website, linking to your social media pages, or promoting an event or sale.

DM’ing members and soliciting for business is not okay, unless they specifically ask you to.

No posting affiliate, competition, any kind of voting, or charity links without Carrie’s written permission.

Notifying Carrie ( if someone is inappropriate or harmful to others.

Remember: your intent can be different than your impact, which can be harmful.

Note: You don’t have to say anything in confrontation – notify me – it’s my job to protect our space.

We are an international community with people who celebrate everything from Yom Kippur to Christmas to Eid and more. We will respect art that comes from these inspirations or traditions, even if we don’t hold the same beliefs.

Artwork, imagery, or comments that support or encourage any kind of harm, violence or hate against groups of people will be deleted and people will be removed from our community (even if they have paid for programming).