art goals | set art goals | reach art goals | artist resources | art lessonsSometimes the hardest part is getting started.  I felt obligated to post an artwork every week for last year’s resolution; the post deadline provided a due date so I couldn’t avoid creating.

WHY would anyone avoid creating?!  Similar to my discussion of the reason for avoiding a New Year’s Resolution: fear.

I have had artwork exhibited in galleries; I am blessed to count places like the Smithsonian on my Exhibition List!  Why am I scared?

Because if you want to succeed, you almost always want more for yourself.  Once I attain a goal I am always thinking, now what?!  Is that enough?  I seem to never be sated on this quest to grow and self-improve. Which leads me back to that sketchbook of mine I am duly avoiding.  It’s a funny thing, this fear-driving avoidance.  Not making art actively makes me grumpy.  The act of creating is so reinforcing and energizing yet fear can hold me hostage and I can listen to one of the many excuses running through my head:

  • I deserve to relax
  • I need to clean
  • I should start dinner
  • When is the last time I had my car washed?
  • I need to do groceries
  • I have to do laundry
  • I should call “enter name here”

Or, I can get out my sketchbook and trial ideas for my latest opportunity to show at Tashkeel.

What is your choice?  Will you succumb to fear masked in excuses or choose to begin your next adventure?

“Will you succumb to fear masked in excuses or choose to begin your next adventure?” (Click to Tweet)

BE COURAGEOUSLY CREATIVE: Write down the excuses you use to avoid creative endeavor.  Reason each excuse through and ask yourself, is it really more important than the creative task at hand?  Am I creating avoidance tactics to avoid activities inherent to my happiness?

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