I keep offering these ideas for generating creativity to you my readers. I decided it was about time to step up and actually use them to share how they work for me in my own creative practice.

So, one of my favorites ways to generate creativity is to take a class. I am a woman of structure. I have a job where I know a year in advance when my holidays are and I can tell you what my work day looks like from one week to the next because my workday schedule is essentially fixed. Reinforced by this, taking a course is a helpful and secure way to take risk. I can try a new medium with the guidance of an expert who can show me the ropes and offer me specific ways to try out the material. Having that set up for me makes me more comfortable to take risk in something I have never worked with before. I just signed up for a jewelry making class last week at DUCTAC. In one 3 hour session I was able to already create a wax mould of a ring that Lia (our teacher) plans to cast for me in silver! I would have never known how much I like working in three dimensions or that wax was such a malleable medium had I not signed up and shown up to class. (It probably doesn’t hurt that the keener in me was reinforced when she told me I seem to get along with the wax pretty well)!  I cannot WAIT to see my ring tomorrow when I go to class, and I get to make a pendant for the next class. I already drew out an idea I really want to see realized.

I have some really poor photos of the wax mould I will include here (apologies for the poor quality, but one will give you some idea of how it all works!). When the ring is cast I will take photos and add them to this post so you can see the development.

wax mould I created for the ring

Below are some photos of sketches that have occurred to me since taking the course. I’m look around me and seeing jewelry inspiration in everything! I want to make a line inspired by the city I live in, Dubai. I have also asked if I can make my wedding bands. I am newly engaged and we decided it would be special if I could design our bands that we wear.

what will look good with my engagement ring?!

more ideas

Not every class you take is going to excite and inspire, but connecting with new people, and sharing ideas with others in that environment is sure to help if the course isn’t helping. The next idea for generating creativity I would like to practice is the one where I trade a project with a friend and we finish each others’  work! Bethany, you have some beautiful fabric work and I have an unfinished painting… are you in?! 🙂

BE COURAGEOUSLY CREATIVE: Take a risk. Sign up for a class in something you know nothing about and see what happens! Who knows what inspiration it might bring.


The finished Ring!!! 🙂