Seeking Creative Direction? Look no further.

This new year brings fresh opportunity to reinvigorate our creative process and goals. I’m feeling a bit stuck myself so here are some new strategies I have cooked up for myself…

(1) Take an old work you didn’t finish. Reinvent it. Sketch out 3 different ways to resolve the work that has nothing to do with your original intention.

(2) Trade unfinished creative projects with someone and finish them.

(3) Combine 2 random artworks you’ve made into one unified artwork.

(4) Combine 2 media you’ve never worked with before.

(5) Create an artist support group, where creatives with specific goals meet monthly to discuss and brainstorm and develop their ideas.

(6) Bake. Cook a nice meal. Making food has always generated creativity in my life. (I used this in my last article but I want to emphasize the creative power of food!)

(7) Take a class in something outside your comfort zone. An artist friend and myself plan to take a jewelry making class via DUCTAC. I would also recommend Irene Sutton’s pottery course if you are in Dubai!

(8) Sleep.

(9) Read Arts and Letters Daily or another media source that has interesting articles and book reviews.

(10) Doodle. There are many articles on the power of doodling and attention, as well as suggestions that it may help in idea generation!

BE COURAGEOUSLY CREATIVE: Select one or two strategies to use in the new year when you are feeling stuck!  Need more ideas? See the previous post on Generating Creativity.