Which resource is the best fit for you?

I haven’t created a post on resources that inspire me for some time.  I’ve been thinking on it, saying to myself, “I should… blah blah blah.”  And after a kind comment on my older post, The Age of Easy Information, I think it’s time to get off my butt and share some more!

The first link I share is due to Paula’s thoughtful commenting, so thank you Paula!

Brain Pickings – What an amazing resource!  This site celebrates and investigates the arts.  The most recent post to date is something I feel directly tied to living in Dubai.  It discusses a book called Cultural Connectives that looks at similarities between Western typography and Arabic typography.  I’ve already had my school librarian purchase the book for my students!

The Hedonista – This is a blog written by a fellow Dubai expat who speaks about her life in the Middle East as well as shares her love of food.  Her blog is filled with thoughtful, insightful reflection.

Escape into Life – This site showcases all kinds of arts.  It is a blog that was started by the now deceased Chris Al-Aswad, which is now carried on by his family to continue sharing his love of the arts.

E-Flux – Lists art shows that are on-going all around the world.

Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History – A wonderful interactive chart that looks at the visual arts across human history.

Panoptikon – If you want to know about visual culture in Dubai this is the resource for you.

With few exceptions, many of the resources this time around have a decided Dubai-lean.  See and explore how the arts are celebrated and discussed from different parts of the world!

As always, I encourage you to share worthy resources that inspire your artistic journey in the comments section.  Thank you and tweet this if it has helped you!