online art resources | art lessons | art lessons online | art classes | artist ideas | ideas for artistsIn today’s age of easy information and unreliable internet sources it is difficult for students (and adults) to identify legitimate information.  Just this week the Tehran Times published an article that claimed the Saudi King was prepared to buy Facebook to put an end to all of the protests in the Middle East.  This is a newspaper publishing this!  In case that makes you question your sanity this article debunks the false claim.  In fact, Dawn Wires actually published the original article with a disclaimer acknowledging they sometimes publish false news!  Apparently, some people are not doing their homework.  And social networks spread the rumors fast and furiously.

This spread of information comes in a day and age where anyone can publish their opinion and ideas as truth.  We all owe it to ourselves to think about the sources we reference and the agendas those sources may have!

When I read stories about the Middle East I am fascinated by how, for example, The New York Times and The National frame those same stories.  And even within these news sources many know the New York Times has a more liberally leaning view as opposed to another New York news sources, say the Wall Street Journal.

So, in the name of quality resources I offer you some websites about the arts and culture that are (correct me if I am wrong) more reliable sources.  Please add to the list as you deem appropriate! [A whole other post could go into the politics of curating artwork and websites but we will save this for another time.]

Art Links:

The British Library –> Turn the pages of great minds’ actual sketchbooks like Leonardo da Vinci and William Blake

Google Art –> A great new website uploading artwork from museums around the world.  It is a bit buggy, but remains an amazing opportunity to literally zoom into palette knife markings of a Van Gogh!

Art Lex –> An art vocabulary resource

Cultural Links:

Arts and Letters Daily –> A website that compiles news articles, personal opinion essays and book reviews from all over the world onto one location.  From the Chronicle of Higher Education

Post Secret –>   This site is definitely art but the selection of postcards and secrets shared really reflect our society and can open one’s eyes to the viewpoint of others through individual fears, hopes and dreams

Snopes –>  This site is dedicated to debunking and verifying information floating around the web via email, etc.

BE COURAGEOUSLY CREATIVE: What resources do you use everyday to inform your life and the choices you make?  What kind of agenda might their creators have and how might that affect the information they present? Make an effort to research tweets or social media shares that present information as fact.