Today I want to talk about acknowledging your creative interests. But, first, let’s start with a small exercise.

I am good enough. Go ahead. Say it out loud. Even better, look in the mirror while you say it. I am good enough.

Ready for the next one? I deserve and value my creative interests. Say it.

How to Navigate your NaysayersMean what you say. 

I deserve and value my creative interests.

Remember my student Jim? Or, what about my own story of being too smart for art? Subtle and not so subtle messages about our creative hopes and dreams can weight heavily in our decisions to embrace or discard our interests. Today I want to give you a specific strategy to help you cope with those messages.

Prepare 2 or 3 phrases to help you navigate your naysayers.

I guarantee you will come across people who are threatened by or jealous of your choice to embrace creative play in your life. Other times, people just make naive assumptions about how you use your time.

It can be difficult to respond to what feel like verbal barbs because being creative is a vulnerable experience. Having a few go-to phrases prepared for you already will help you navigate those unexpected moments.

Creative AffirmationsSuggestions:

“I appreciate your honesty but this (insert your creative goal) is important to me. I hope you can honor that.”

“I’ve shared this with you because it is something I find important. I’m really excited about it; I would love you to be excited for and with me.”

“We will have to agree to disagree.” (And then change the subject).

How to build your creative confidence is a lovely TED talk by David Kelley that touches upon some of these issues. Take a look and enjoy.

BE COURAGEOUSLY CREATIVE: Lastly, I’ve made the header image just for you. Feel free to save it to your computer or print it out for a reminder. Even better, PIN it to your Pinterest Creative Quotes board :). Because everyone deserves a little love and creative encouragement.