Looking at the Sea by SSPIVAK

Sometimes we forget how hard it is to lose something. That “something” could be a family member, a friendship, a relationship, and many other scenarios.  In all of these moments it is raw. It really hurts. You can feel like your whole world is falling to pieces and the hopes and dreams you had for that something are all gone.

When we are in the middle of emotional moments and times… CREATE! Some of the greatest artwork, poems, and songs have come from dark moments and sad places. What an opportunity to channel negativity into something concrete to face it, accept it, and eventually move forward.

Strategies for channeling creative energies in hard times

These are all ideas I have so please offer suggestions within the comments section that may help others in their grieving process:

  1. Take photos of your beloved deceased or ex-partner and incorporate them into a collage artwork or mixed media work – A few years ago I had a friend who shared with me that she incorporated her ex into all of her paintings when she was grieving.  She placed him or symbols of him in funny places, as ugly evil clowns, etc.  The same woman made a joke with me about my ex being Gollum (Lord of the Rings) so I drew him morphing into that creature.  Boy did it feel good at the time!
  2. Write letters to those you miss or to the dream you had that is now shattered – How many authors have used letters as creative fodder for their novels or stories!?  You may not be able to use it now, but it could prove useful after the grieving is over.  Besides, even if it doesn’t it will help you release some negative energy while you are going through your hard time.
  3. Journal, journal, journal – Drawing or writing, it doesn’t matter…when you are overwhelmed with your feelings it is good to get them out.  It does help clear your head, I promise, I do it all the time!
  4. Say yes to commissions and projects – Keeping busy will force you to be creative, and sometimes get your mind off of what is bothering you.  It never hurts to take breaks from the pain you are experiencing!

Image by 7zeichen

The grieving process will end

Of course, while you are going through the grieving process you will still cry, hate, love, miss, dream, sigh, and repeat all of those emotions over and over again.  But by allowing yourself to truly express those feelings, maybe you can move forward sooner and make some amazing artwork along the way!

It is easy in times of grief or sadness to be self-punishing.  Do you want to move forward with your life?  Then be certain to embrace your creativity more than ever when times are hard. You may have already lost something important to you, don’t lose another integral part of your being.  You deserve good things as do the people around you.

Special Note:

If you find yourself wallowing in grief or cannot get out of your rut, or even have thoughts of self-harm, remember it is okay to seek help.  PLEASE seek help.  You have people who care about you and want to help, even if it doesn’t feel like it.   Family, friends, and counselors can all help you move forward with your life.  Grief is a natural process that takes time but it will be easier if you let people help you move through it.  I can tell you my family and friends have offered me that support more than once and each time I remember just how blessed and lucky I am!