Sunset - taking a break!

Sunset – taking a break!

Sometimes we can forget what it means to take a break and catch your breath. I’m always thinking. It can keep me awake, this litany of idea, concept, and big dreams. I am so thankful for that inspiration and all that it brings to my life. When I start to feel my inspiration running dry I feel fear and a rising sense of panic and/or desperation. Hold onto what little idea generation you have, says this little inner voice. Of course, this quietly suggests that my creative well can or will run dry.

I don’t remember the last time I took a break from my creative energies. Yes I’ve used them less lately but as much as I rationalize that is not a hiatus of choice in the way of taking a holiday is; that has been a hiatus of necessity filled with longing and planning for when I do have time.

I’m on holiday right now and I’d forgotten what it means to slow down until I arrived at my spoiling, luxurious destination: a small uninhabited island in the Indian Ocean. The island is filled with other escapees from the everyday enjoying sun,spa, and snorkeling (maybe I will see a whale shark!). And it was in the middle of one of my first days in the Maldives I realized I felt no sense of urgency. Nothing must be done. It has been a full disconnect from my job, from thinking about any projects or obligations. (It was SO refreshing that phones and other signs of tech connection with the world were noticeably absent!) And while I savored the feeling, my creative energy began to renew itself. Camera out, sketchbook ready…out of nowhere the juices are flowing.

We need to remind ourselves that while practice and routine help a successful artist, that the tide of creativity does exist. Forcing things can actually stifle oneself. And when we let go… we make room for more!

BE COURAGEOUSLY CREATIVE: When is the last time you truly allowed yourself to disconnect? Time for your own beach holiday?

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