In the spirit of a recent conversation with a friend, today I want to talk a bit less.  Take a minute and let the following video visuals stimulate you!

The artist below I discovered on my own while developing a sculpture lesson for my students.  Her name is Jen Stark and she is a young and “upcoming” artist with a really unique approach to sculpture.  What is her medium, you ask?  Paper.  Absolutely gorgeous work, you have to take a look.  If you like the video, check out more at

The other artist I have heard about twice in the past few weeks.  Two separate people have approached me telling me I look like her.  Her name is Miranda July and she is a performance artist.  I take the likeness as a compliment 🙂  If you like what you see here, check out her website:

Please note this video has a questionable image and some foul language, but it is appropriate to the work and not gratuitous.  It is called The Hallway.

Questions to ask yourself:

How do you define art?

How are these artists different?

Which work do you like better and why?

How is physical experience important to both of these artists’ works?

Enjoy people 🙂