Runaway Bride by Carrie Brummer All Rights Reserved

Today I had a blast taking photographs of a friend and her wonderful, fun rugby teammates. She shared with me she has always wanted to do a Trash the Dress photo shoot and brought her wedding dress to Dubai to take shots in the desert when her Coney Island idea didn’t work out. I volunteered for the effort when she told me after she joined the Dubai Hurricanes Rugby team that she thought playing rugby in her dress might be fun. I was really pleased when she had some faith in me and accepted my offer!

There is something about taking photos while people are playing around and having fun that I find really rewarding and fun myself. I was a little nervous about getting the right shot or missing a good one but in the end clearly I can’t control a bunch of women playing rugby! They certainly know a whole lot more about the game than I do and many people shared great ideas for poses; people miss out on opportunity when they don’t allow others to share their expertise.

Being involved in the arts always involves a lot of risk: sharing ideas, making that mark on the canvas, performing in front of a live audience, submitting that novel to an agent…all of it can be scary, exciting and a moment filled with hope. Being present and trusting your intuition and skills will only make room for growth and additional opportunities down the line. But, you have to be willing to take that risk and take those photos or trash that wedding dress if you want the perfect shot.

Photography is a new found interest and I’m so grateful for this opportunity. Thanks to all the ladies of the Hurricanes for coming out and letting me join in on the fun!

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