10 Reasons You Should Start Drawing Today

(1) Minimal Start up Costs

In terms of art based activities, I’m not sure you can get much cheaper than drawing. All you need is paper and a pen or pencil. That’s it. Don’t let anyone tell you that you must have that special Arches paper or Micron pens to do it right. That’s brand snobbery talking right there. If you have never really drawn before but want to get started, take out any old piece of paper and pencil. It’s enough. If you want to be all tech fancy you can even get a drawing app like Tayasui Sketches, mentioned in this article on 8 drawing apps.

(2) Portable Art Form

Drawing embraces a minimalist lifestyle. Are you constantly on the go? Maybe you want something to do while waiting in a grocery queue; get in the “right” line in Muscat here and you can be stuck for gifted with 15-30 minutes of drawing time! 😉

(3) Drawing Helps Your Memory

Despite our belief that all doodlers are daydreamers who actively dissociate in boring meetings recent research consistently finds doodlers retain more information about a meeting the following day than non-doodlers. So, get out those pens. Share the research with your boss, too.

(4) Drawing Makes You Happier

Participating in some form of play lowers risk of anxiety and depression and maybe even tendencies towards violence. It is an active means of maintaining and developing a healthy mind.

(5) Drawing Fosters Connection

People want to know what you are doing when they see you making art in a public space. I was on a plane flying back home to Dubai from Jordan. I went for a week by myself to see Petra and go to the Dead Sea. I decided to get out my sketchbook and doodle on the flight. The turbulence got pretty bad, so I started to put it away when the woman next to me asked, “Do you draw?” She was fidgeting with nerves, she was terrified of the turbulence. I ended up chatting with her and drawing her for the rest of the flight. She was so relieved and flattered she insisted on inviting me to her home in Sharjah (an Emirate next to Dubai) as a thank you.

(6) Drawing Offers New Perspective

Drawing teaches you to “see” the world around with with a new set of eyes. Fresh views offer new ideas and inspiration; you don’t even have to leave your home town! Having a problem in your life? Draw or doodle while you think about it, it can be a great means of triggering new perspectives.

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(7) Drawing is the Foundation of Art Skills

Drawing is a foundational skill for the arts. The more you do it, the better you are at it and the easier other art forms will become for you. Many schools encourage drawings as a means of planning out work in other art materials. If you want to be better in the arts, start with drawing.

(8) Drawing is a Means of Making Memories

We rush through our holidays and vacations, taking hundreds of photographs we never print out or display. In the Outer Banks (OBX) of North Carolina this summer I watched my family climb the Currituck Beach Lighthouse while I sat on the grass outside and painted it. I love that little doodle of mine! What if rather than collecting more memory for your computer’s backup drive you created a drawing to remember a quiet afternoon sipping wine on the Thames?!

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(9) Drawing is a Tool for Communication

Our ability to speak is only one form of communication. Drawing allows us to “speak” with people across languages, geography, and politics. We are so intrigued and fascinated by man’s first known drawings; it’s because we are “hearing” from our origins.

(10) Drawing Builds Confidence

We all start with a wee bit of insecurity when we try something new. Art can help build connection between people, foster communication and contribute to states of wellbeing; we are then primed to keep going and feel good about it as we develop our drawing skills. First, it will be all about the risks you take as an artist, but eventually it will intersect with your life. Drawing means a developing confidence not only in your art practice, but in yourself.

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