Knowing and admitting to your goal is half of the battle.  You must acknowledge what you really want for yourself!!  Be proud, shout it from rooftops; if it’s important to you, it matters.  Don’t let anyone dissuade you from this.

Perhaps you are too scared or too uncomfortable to share your goal?  Then keep it secret, for now.  Find a support network of people (digitally, face-to-face, whatever works for you) that share similar interests or goals.  It will encourage your confidence and give you better means to achieve this secret something that is so special to you.

To be quite honest, I have not shared this blog with my family yet.  As supportive as they mean to be, often their support centers around potential dangers or weaknesses in a plan.  I am not ready to hear that kind of criticism.  Eventually, that will be important to listen to and consider if I truly wish to build my business and grow as an artist.  I will be more receptive as this site builds a base of interested people and as I slowly introduce important people in my life to it.  (Thank you Mary for being my unconditional support!)

How do I find this support network?

Find a blog that inspires you.  Perhaps it doesn’t speak enough to your goals?  Most blogs share other links and blogs they find inspiring.  One of these is bound to appeal to you.  A few blogs I find useful:

Rowdy Kittens — I came across Tammy’s blog through a recent article in the New York Times that discusses her goals of consuming less while enjoying life more.  It was actually through Tammy that I discovered many other bloggers that inspire me.

New Dress A Day — Marisa decided to create a new outfit every day from thrift store purchases.  And on top of this, she limits herself to 1 dollar a day!  I love fashion as much as I am trying to consume less in my life.  What a great way to harness creativity and used goods!

Artwork by Carrie Brummer, Copyright 2010

These are only a few of the blogs I have discovered along my journey but they are positive and each have their own story to share.  Knowing there are similar people out there with shared hopes, dreams, and goals gives me strength to keep trying for my own.

If the internet does not offer you the confidence-building experience you hope for I suggest getting physical.  No, not that way.  I live in Dubai, which has this wonderful business called DUPLAYS. You can join any sport (even Yoga or Boot Camp) for any season and meet new people while getting fit.  Look for classes (athletic, arts, etc.) in your hometown to see if you can meet new people who share these similar interests!  You are bound to find one if you just make a little effort.  Move outside of that comfort zone, I know it can be hard.  Take a deep breath, make the leap, and don’t look back.


Post a “call to arms,” something that inspires and motivates you, in a visible location in your home.  Incorporate reading this into your daily routine.  It will act as a constant reminder that you desire more for yourself and have begun a plan of action to realize this dream!

My call to arms: you already read it.  It was the first post to Artist Strong.  Everett Bogue’s recent post on his site Far Beyond the Stars says everything I need my “call to arms” to say.  I want a constant reminder of the power I have to direct my future! (You share this same ability, everyone has it.)  It is now by my bedside so I can read it as I wake in the morning.  Each day I start with this fresh, inspired dialogue to motivate me.

Originally posted September 11, 2010

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