This past year I’ve received overwhelming feedback that it’s hard (or sometimes confusing) to access the many resources Artist Strong has to offer. (I also constantly hear from mentors and people inside the group I have A LOT of free things going on for people.) It got me thinking: is there a way to categorize the artists in our community and help them find the resources that best help them where they are?


Hi my name is Carrie Brummer and I created Artist Strong to help artists like you build your skill and develop your unique artist voice. Today I want to talk to you about the 4 categories of artists I tend to serve. And what are these categories called? I call them your Artist Archetype.


After years of serving this community, these 4 archetypes keeping showing up and already it’s helping me come up with new ideas for content to serve each archetype more consciously!


First we have The Curious Creator → This creative feels novice or somewhat new to art and is super enthused when exposed to new ideas, techniques, and media. They are often nervous to use the a-word, artist, when talking about themselves.

Second I introduce to you The Skill Seeker → This artist is seeking new strategies to uplevel their skill after plateauing. This creative knows they are capable of more in their art and feel sometimes limited by their skill to achieve the results they want in their art.

Then we have The Many Media Explorer → This artist is super excited about multiple art materials and has so many projects going sometimes it’s hard to know what to work on or finish! They also have so many art supplies they might be able to set up their own store (I can’t tell you how many relate to that statement!). It makes me giggle each time I think about it. My mom is for sure is a Many Media Explorer.

Finally we have The Activated Artist → This artist is working towards a series of artwork, or has a portfolio already completed and is looking for next steps to expand their voice and reach. I chose the work activated not only because it creates alliteration, but because I see these artists as people who want to take action with their art. They want to show, sell or participate in community work that involves art.

I’m not sure I’ve uncovered all of the archetypes yet, I’m thinking I may uncover more in the future. But after realizing I worked with these four group of artists, I decided to spend more time looking at the many free resources and reflecting on which ones best serve each archetype. This is why I’ve created the Artist Archetype Quiz.

It’s a quiz that helps you see which of 4 archetypes best connects to you right now in your artist journey that leads you to the assorted free resources I offer inside the community. Wouldn’t it be great to show up to a website with a list of free resources designed for exactly where you are?

If this sounds like fun to you, you can take the quiz, which is linked below. (I’ve also updated our home page to talk about our space and the archetypes which you can also see linked below). I even set up the quiz to make it entirely free. You don’t even have to give me your email address to get your results because I only want people who WANT to be part of Artist Strong signed up.

Once you take the quiz come back here and in the comments below tell me your archetype and 1 new thing you can apply to your artist practice after uncovering your archetype.

Thanks for watching and see you next time on Artist Strong.


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