When you are feeling a bit disjointed (can you see me in there?), how do you manage to piece it all back together?

I am feeling a bit stuck lately, despite having many ideas unfinished that I could jump into and work on. One of my strategies for unsticking (besides getting off of my lazy butt and making art!) is to find artist sites or other websites that spark curiosity, admiration and inspiration. Here are a mix of old and new for you to explore and enjoy.

  1. Sistine Chapel – Beautiful interactive view of the Chapel. I’ve been to the real one twice. First time I wasn’t fully aware of it all and a bit tourist inundated. The second time I visited I felt like crying I was so impressed and moved.
  2. Love Letters – This interactive site is more interesting if you take the time to explore it for yourself. I don’t want to ruin it for you!
  3. Before I Die I Want to… – A friend of a friend has brought this idea and project into existence. She uses a dying medium (the polaroid) and asks them, what do you want to do before you die? Some of the products are visible here.
  4. Artist’s Road – Patrick Ross talks about creative process and journey as a writer. Many of his topics overlap and reflect the journey of all kinds of creatives.
  5. Prolific Living – Blog about creating balance and work doing something you love.
  6. Miss Minimalist – Journey towards owning less and being less consumer driven. How do things actually enhance your quality of life?

BE COURAGEOUSLY CREATIVE: What resources help you when you are stuck?