Simplifying doesn’t mean it’s easy.

For example, a great way to test your knowledge and understanding of the element of art VALUE is to do one of two things (or both!).

Option One: Set up a still life of entirely white objects with a white background. Draw or paint it.

and/or Option Two: Set up a still life of entirely white objects with any background you want. Draw or paint it… on a black surface!

These two activities can help you really get specific with your study of value and help you push yourself: how much do you truly understand what you’re observing when you study lights and darks?

In this online art tutorial I share a great example of working white on white to study value.
We discuss the difference between a cool and warm white and
How to adjust lessons to support your unique learning style. 

Not everyone shows up to learning with the same set of skills or experiences. Thinking about how to adjust a lesson or activity to best support your learning (as well as your artistic goals) is an important conversation.

We had this conversation inside my course Self-Taught to Self-Confident but let’s keep it going.

Now it’s your turn: Questions? What tips or tricks have helped you explore the element of art called value? Tell me more in the comments below.

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