Is there an ugly stage in your painting before it begins to blossom? Countless creatives have shared it makes them feel like failures. Let’s talk about how to overcome that feeling in order to keep going and make the art your heart calls you to create.

Hi, my name is Carrie Brummer and here on Artist Strong I help creatives like you build your skill and develop your unique artist voice. Today I want to talk about the ugly stage so many creatives talk about with their art.

I find it fascinating that (myself included) we have this weird idea that we have to make art that looks good at ALL stages of the process.

I’m not sure it’s even possible to like or make amazing artwork every single time we show up to create, that just isn’t how it works. But if something isn’t looking as good as we hoped in progress, we still beat ourselves up about it!

I mean, think about it: do you really like every single artwork you create? Every mark you put down on paper or canvas? My guess is probably not.

And what I want to say next is important. Please listen.

That’s OK.

It’s okay to not like every stage of your artwork. It’s okay to not like all the art you create.

In fact, it’s normal. We ALL have work like this. Welcome to being an artist!  

So instead of us celebrating some Instagram-curated magical notion that everything we create at all times should be beautiful, why not celebrate what creative process actually IS…

A beautiful, often messy journey of creative expression.

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Now it’s your turn: do you find yourself feeling discouraged or like giving up during this so-called ugly stage of your art? How do you overcome those feelings to keep showing up for your art? Tell me more in the comments below.