How can you keep yourself accountable to your art? Try this simple and easy to use tool.

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How can you keep yourself accountable to your art?

Many, many artists tell me they don’t have enough time. What if time isn’t the real problem? What if we struggle instead with holding ourselves accountable to our art hopes and dreams?

(Turn up the volume to watch this Youtube OR go watch the same video here).

My research shows the idea originates from interviews with the comedian Seinfeld. Austin Kleon also talks about this in his book Steal Like an Artist. You can read some of his reference to it in his article here. I started using this idea, not for yoga, but for my art. And now, each year, I create a calendar for the Artist Strong community and it’s the “freebie gift” that gets me the most positive feedback: people see results!

It’s also why I’ve made a special calendar for those of you participating in this month’s challenge: #BeCreativelyCourageous. If you are already signed up, you’ll get it via email in the next few days, if you haven’t got it already. If you want to join us for a month of art making, accountability and art friendships, you can learn more about it here.

I’m hosting this challenge because I want you to see the results that come from committing to your art. It’s not too late to join. And it’s never too late to stART on your heART. <3 🙂

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Be Creatively Courageous: Can you commit a month to your art? Choose your art, choose YOU, and join us for #BeCreativelyCourageous!

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