People argue we need creativity in our business people, that we are raising young people who don’t know how to be creative. Yes, creativity is important for business. More importantly, however, creativity is absolutely integral to our well being.

Here are three reasons (of many more!) that explain why creative play is important:

(1) Creative play is a powerful idea generation tool. Tim Brown has a wonderful TED Talk discussing this. He uses prompts and playtime to engage his audience and explain how this kind of play can actually drive change. Wow. Creativity can drive change. That’s pretty big. So the next time you feel you have to justify your creative play, remember your creative play could change the world.

(2) Psychological research suggests adults who still “play” are happier people. So. When you decide to engage in creative play, you aren’t only helping yourself, you are helping the people around you. Who doesn’t want to be around a happy person? Dr. Stuart Brown “found that lack of play was just as important as other factors in predicting criminal behavior among murderers in Texas prisons. Whoa. Enough said.

Creative Play is for all ages.

(3) Society’s perception is that creativity peaks when a person reaches their late 20s or early 30s. However, long-term studies indicate that although a person’s physical abilities diminish as they age, the same cannot be said for the brain’s capacity for creativity.” Our society is only beginning to recognize the importance of creativity. But small steps are being taken, for example, in Forest City, U.K., Kathy Smith has created a festival of creativity for older adults (quote from this article). People are starting to acknowledge that creativity enhances our quality of life. Hello there, quality of life, nice to meet you.

There is no reason to feel guilty about our need for creative play. It literally brings our lives to a better, more realized state of being. It not only can change your life, but the lives of those around you. 

Still not convinced? Then check out this extensive list of research on play and its importance in adult lives.

What are you waiting for?!