I’m about to embark on a North American tour. It’s been TWO YEARS since I’ve visited the USA and Canada; I’m SO ready!! I want family time, board games, home cooked food (that I’m not cooking). I want cooler weather (try on 50 degrees celsius or nearly 120 degrees fahrenheit for a few weeks, or how about an entire summer?), to be able to wear shorts and tank tops, and to kiss my husband in public (even holding hands in some places can get you scolded). I want cheap (costing, not tasting) beer. All of this makes my recipe for creative rejuvenation.

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The 5 Ingredients for your Creative Holiday

How can you better use your holiday to have that most needed creative rejuvenation?

I’ve been working rather obsessively on Artist Strong. Why? I love it. I absolutely feel found when I get to share Creative Spirit stories, when people say yes to creative play, and when I discover resources for realizing creative goals and dreams. When my hubby travels for work, I see that as further opportunity to develop Artist Strong. But, life IS about balance and I’m telling you: this girl needs a break.

While I won’t go on full digital sabbatical, I hope to step back a bit and get some mental space. I created C2C because I need creative play in my life; I will continue my playtime with the C2C community. But I’m also going to prioritize other things over Artist Strong (gasp): yoga, rest, and drawing time. My brain needs space to think! And that kind of time can actually be a huge creative kickstart for when I return to Artist Strong in full force mid-July.

In honor of my impending trip (what shall I do in Seattle and Charlotte my dear readers?), here are a few tips to rejuvenate and refresh your creative juices.

the 5 ingredients for your Creative holiday

Do you give yourself the quiet time you need to really reflect and rest your mind?

(1) Pick a new MINI project.

Do something new you’ve wanted to, without agenda. Just try it! This summer I’m going to play around with urban sketching a bit more. I keep being drawn to people’s work I follow on social media. So it’s time for me to try it on (yes, it’s a new dress). Don’t be overambitious, this is about some creative playtime for something you’ve put to the side.

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(2) Schedule/Allow for quiet time.

Have a journal or sketchbook handy in case you have to write something down, but just try to be with yourself. Meditate if you wish. I plan to enjoy my parents’ lakeside home in Charlotte. I’m going to sit on their porch and watch the heron fishing from their dock. And try not to think too much.

(3) Reconnect with loved ones.

Traveling near friends or family? Prioritize time with them. Make your holiday time meaningful. It is usually the regret of the dying to wish for more time with people they loved. This summer is all about family for me. And spending time with family gives me a great creative recharge.

Make your time meaningful. It is usually the regret of the dying to wish for more time with people they loved. (Tweet Me!)

The 5 Ingredients for your Creative Holiday

Make the time you have with people that matter, matter!

(4) Read. Everything. Anything.

Reading is a great way to absorb new information, to reflect, and to give your brain an escape from thinking about (insert your version of my Artist Strong project here). I’m going to read a few books recommended to me: Creative You, The Blue Ocean Strategy, and Play it Away.

(5) Exercise.

We all know walking is good for creativity. It’s also good for a giant list of health reasons. You don’t have to be training for a marathon while you are on a holiday but walking will help to clear your mind, give you space when you need some air from your quality family time, and slow you down a bit if you are a busy body like myself. I may not walk a lot until I hit the Outer Banks, but I am definitely doing yoga 2-3 times per week.

BE COURAGEOUSLY CREATIVE: Have you thought about how your holiday can rejuvenate your creativity? How do you honor the mental break and space you need from work related projects when you go on vacation? Comment below, I want to know!