Wow. I knew making art felt good, but this is a whole other level of endorphins. Yesterday my buddy B and I committed to our first Studio Art Date. We are both artists and every time we hang out we talk about art. We share our ideas and discuss the progression we have made, or not made, when it comes to our creative projects. And with the start of every new year, I am determined to set some meaningful goals. This year? Make art and take care of Carrie. Health and art time. Check! As a result of the goal-setting, B was dragged into my idealistic drive and she begrudgingly agreed to this notion of studio time. We talk of having or sharing a studio space, that we need space to make art. I know that isn’t going to happen, but what if we actively shared our homes and made them a studio space for a day?

All Rights Reserved Image by Bethany Edwards This is an awesome image by B that would be perfect for her photo blog she set up during our studio time!

All Rights Reserved Image by Bethany Edwards
This is an awesome image by B that would be perfect for her photo blog she set up during our studio time!

Well, yesterday was our first attempt at this idea and what a productive, energized day it was! LOVED it. I started a painting and made some jewelry. B did some textile work and started her blog, which you need to check out. (Linked here!) It was the most art I’ve made all month. And it felt DAMN GOOD! It really is a spiritual experience for me when I make art because it is meditative. Seeing product of my effort after a short or long time makes me feel a sense of reward. Art allows me that satisfaction in a way my day job of school administrator does not.

Not only could I make art and dedicate time to my art, I also had support immediately available. We are both our own worst critics, and we could offer each other feedback when we felt stuck. B worked on her project more than I think she would have otherwise and I continued on my painting despite some of the judgement I was forming in my head. That support and feedback to keep going is helping us follow through on projects; how will we ever know if they are successful if we don’t finish them?!

This reaffirms for me why shared studio spaces or retreats with other artists can be such a fruitful space. It’s not about the room, its about the people you can discuss, reflect and connect with.

BE COURAGEOUSLY CREATIVE: Take some time and meet up with other creatives once per month. Create a critique opportunity so you make work and have a shared deadline or meet up to make art once per month! You won’t regret it!

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