Photo Credit: Theresa Iovcheva
What projects have you stored away to collect dust?

My ideas always come to me when I least expect them. Just before bed I often have a litany of ideas and list them manically, as if they are all brilliant and worth starting. Then I wake and I think a bit less of them, but I save the list just in case. I have woken from dead sleep with entire poems in my head. I’ve solved problems while sleeping. Other ideas come while I’m at my job working on problems of an entirely different sort. I now carry a little book with me where ever I go so I can always take notes. I don’t want to lose them from memory forever. Yet, I rarely return to those notes. I have even gone digital and keep a notes list of art ideas in my iPhone. I need to make a better effort of reviewing these notes methinks.

I’ve made it clear more than once I am a woman of order. Funny that my ideas and creativity never seems to express itself in any kind of order. But I can tackle goals I make to achieve those ideas with order. And I’m at it again.

Last year I wrote an ebook called ARTSpeak.  I sold it via an Indie site, which has since decided to close its doors.  I tried, in its current incarnation, to convert it to be Kindle Fire or iPad friendly (it definitely needs to be in color) but the formatting looked horrid. So here I am, reformatting the entire book in InDesign, a program I know but only a bit. Needless to say its a bit slow. But this summer, its part of my wonderful summer mind map and I’m spending at least 30 min to an hour every day on it. It isn’t a lot, because I find the process abhorrent, but I will get it done. And slow and sure can win the race! I hope to now work on 2-3 pages of reformatting per day until its done. Then I’m going to try it out on my fiance’s beautiful iPad and hope for the best that it converts properly. I believe in ARTSpeak a lot and its been on the backburner way too long now. So, this will get done this summer, along with a move, the start of a new job, an app development and oh, artmaking. Who ever said I didn’t like to be busy?

Photo Credit: Gareth Weeks
Is it time to review? Does an old work deserve a revisit and some tweaking?

Putting something on the backburner doesn’t for me mean its forever dead and gone. In fact, I believe having space from when the ebook was first sold online and published will allow me to review my writing and layout and enhance the product for those interested. I have had positive reviews of the work and I mean to garner more. And after this one, the next one will be that much easier, especially since I will work directly in InDesign from the beginning. (I have just heard that there is an App now for making iBooks… anyone know anything about this?)

Have there been moments where you feel so removed from projects they feel a distant memory? Do you let these distant projects remain a dream or how have you reignited your interest in a project partially finished? Share with other creatives below.

BE COURAGEOUSLY CREATIVE: Can you recognize when an old work deserves revisiting? How might you strategize to improve it?