art lessons | art resources | goals for art | artist goals | art ideasIt’s that time of year again where people make resolutions for the new year.  Most people never follow through on their goals, I believe because they never make them measurable (see my post on SMART goal setting for goals worth aiming for!).  Last year is probably the first year I set a measurable goal for myself and I have actually attained it! (Okay, I am one week shy of attainment, but it’s going to happen and I am pretty darn close).  Being so close to meeting my goal and having evidence that I have reached it makes me proud.  It also makes me want to do more.

Last year I began my project 52 Paintings in 52 Weeks.  And now, I am one week shy of 52 artworks.  How was it measurable?  All I required of myself was one artwork per week.  Initially I was very specific and aimed to do only self-portraits.  As time passed I realized how inhibiting that prescription was and decided to amend my resolution; as long as I made one artwork per week I was golden.

What was my ultimate goal for doing this project?  I wanted motivation that would reinforce and reward me for making art as much as possible.  The more art I make, the closer I am to reaching that killer idea, improved skill, etc.  So really this was a lot about process, skill development, and a personal investigation: was I able to hold to a goal that I set for myself?  How did I know I was achieving this?
That is when I started my website Artist Carrie Brummer, which became my visual, personal, and public accountability.  The first time someone told me they couldn’t wait for my next post I felt butterflies, the kind you feel waiting for that special someone to call and ask you out on a second date.  I was immediately hooked.  It is powerful to know people are interested and counting on what you are doing to be a consistent endeavor.

So, I ask you, is there something you wish to achieve?  What steps can you take to improve upon that goal?  If you want to be better at drawing, commit to 30 minutes per week of drawing from observation.  Post the results on Facebook, or your own blog and share it with people important to you; your audience will spread.  And that first comment is the best reinforcement one could ever ask for!  Remember, making it measurable is important.  Saying you are going to market yourself as an artist does not give you steps to reach your end goal.  Saying you will network with one person per month and look for 1 venue per month to show in DOES offer measurable results that will lead towards your ultimate goal.

Struggling with making your goal measurable?

Happy New Year’s Resolution-ing!!  Think Creative.  The world deserves it and so do you.

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BE COURAGEOUSLY CREATIVE: Think of your “ultimate” goal and write it down.  Now come up with two strategies/tasks that are easy to  measure that will help you reach that ultimate dream!