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Crossing into New Territory… (and I hope it looks just as good for you as it does for me!)

Here are some new resources I have found inspiring and useful.  Take some time and enjoy!

Empty Easel This is a website that is written by and for artists.  Submit your own articles or artwork for inclusion, or take a tour and learn a new medium.  Empty Easel has a sister site that offers you space to showcase your art as well.

Zen Yoga – If you live in Dubai, this is a great place to take yoga classes.  I have only heard amazing reviews from colleagues and friends and my several visits have confirmed this will be a place I frequent in the year to come.

Pictures of Muslims Wearing Things – In today’s age of fear mongering, it is refreshing to have someone deal with ignorance in such a lighthearted way.  I live in the Middle East.  And no I don’t need a bullet proof vest to get around.  In fact, one is more likely to find Birkin bags than bullet proof vests.  The most common protective gear I have noticed?  Sunglasses.  Even at night. 🙂

All Recipes Are you looking for something new for dinner?  Plug in the ingredients you have in your kitchen on their Ingredients Search page and All Recipes will find recipes (from their database) that match.  I just tried a yummy Golden Vegetable Chicken recipe, but switched it around a wee bit for myself.

Books for Creatives This blog called Creativity for Coaches suggests some high quality reading.

Upcoming post: I am excited to tell you another Creative Spirit interview is coming your way.  Photographer Chris Conti has agreed to speak with me about his experience.  Can’t wait to share it with you all!  Be ready for some thoughtful reflection on living as an artist.

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