A workstation for a digital artist?
CC Image by Peter Hellberg

I’ve felt extremely limited artistically since I’ve begun my new job. In fact, when I came home from a long weekend of fabulous workshopping I literally burst into tears. I remembered how much my heart resonates when I’m making art and just how much I missed it. Taking that workshop was creative catharsis and I’m reawakened with new determination and ideas. I’ve filled my moleskin with projects that I only need to begin!

Trying this new medium (for me) of digital compositing has opened many doors. I am making more time for my art and I feel I have more time for art. It is very easy and comfortable to spend 10 minutes or 2 hours on a piece when I’m working digitally, which is perfect considering my larger time commitment and the general fatigue I’m experiencing from transitioning into something new.

It’s 3 months into this new job and I believe I’m finally beginning to level off. Perhaps a focus on something other than my creativity has opened me up to a change in focus and medium. I’m excited to see what comes from all the ideas I now have in store! And I’m uber-thankful for the longer weekends I’ve had lately to realize some of my ideas.

Have you ever felt creatively stifled because of your day job? In a previous post I wondered if being an art teacher took away from or enhanced my creativity. (When you spend your work day helping others discover new ideas how much room is there for you to uncover your own?) Yet, here I am in a non-art role and while yes I am full of ideas now I often have no time or energy to realize them. It reminds me that everything comes down to personal commitment and making time for projects that are important to you.

BE COURAGEOUSLY CREATIVE: What are two steps you can take today to prioritize your creativity?