Being creative doesn’t have to cost money.

I’ve heard many people talk about obstacles to being creative and money is cited as one of those obstacles. Today’s activity is an example of how we can use the tools around us to be creative and make fun, imaginative art! This week’s art activity with Artist Strong encourages you to use resources you likely have in your home to create.

I discovered this image tooling around on the internet yesterday. It’s ingenuity and playfulness got me excited and inspired. While I was falling asleep last night I kept thinking about the work and how it would make a great art lesson or activity for art students. And here we are!

Today, I call on you to find a photo of a family member or friend you’ve already taken. Use a free program like GIMP to erase the background or fill the background with white. (Keep your figure visible!) Arrange for the photo to be printed on a single piece of paper, with the image repeated 6 times.

Photo Fiddling: An Art Activity on Artist Strong

Here’s my awesome partner enjoying a brew at Oktoberfest! Oh Munich, how we miss you.

Photo Fiddling: An Art Activity on Artist Strong

Here I used a white paintbrush to paint away the background. I didn’t get too picky about the edges around him either. This is just about play and fun so relax and enjoy.

Photo Fiddling: An Art Activity on Artist Strong

Once you have your person with a white background, repeat them on an A4 or 8.5 x 11 inch page. Then print it out and start that art!

Now it’s time to get out some art supplies. Use a crayon, marker or a paintbrush. Use it all! Use what is available to you already. And draw. Imagine the figure in new world and come up with 6 variations: draw each new environment on each image.

Sometimes we forget we already have the tools around us to be creative. It’s important to look around us and think creatively: what tools do we already own to express ourselves creatively?

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BE COURAGEOUSLY CREATIVE: Now it’s time to share your work with friends! Post your final product on Twitter (hit me up: @ArtistThink) or in the FB group. Tell us what tools you used.  I can’t wait to see it!

Please Note: I tried to find the original source as this website does NOT credit the artist, but my images search turned up nothing about the name of the artist. (If you know who created this please reach out and let me know so I can credit them for their amazing creativity).