Photograph by Nicole N on SXC

Today I plan to reflect on my category of INFJ and create useful strategies based on my personality for artmaking. All listed “categories” are from the following reports on my personality type: Portrait of an INFJ and INFJ Profile

INFJ – Intial Reflections

gravitate toward activism –

I’ve always battled with the notion that artmaking is a selfish act, that I should aim to make a bigger change in the world. I wonder if my work would resonate more if I created work with social meaning or message?

exhibit fluency in language and communication –

Clearly I should continue blogging and writing about my art. Time to get on reformatting ARTSpeak!

have clarity of perception of inner, unconscious processes – act insight-fully with spontaneity –

I need to continue to develop and act on unique experiences to help my intuition support my idea development. Some of my stronger works are painted on top of and incorporated into older works… perhaps there is a reason this strategy works?!

when experiencing stress, can trigger desire for immediate gratification and dreaming desire to be spontaneous-

Can I somehow use my art to create spontaneity and appease that desire for immediate gratification (which usually expresses itself in the need for Mom’s chocolate chip cookies đŸ™‚ )? Could art become an even better outlet for my stress?

are doers and dreamers –

Aim high and aim to realize and actualize goals. Limitations are only physical and the time I have available to realize them.

can take on too much responsibility –

Do I have too much on my plate? How do I limit myself? How do I know when is too much?

strong sense of empathy –

Can I express this in my work?

idealistic and pragmatic –

I battle between my big dreams and priority.

Photograph by Kristja on SXCINFJ Creative Actions

  1. Write out verbal brainstorms. I always felt guilty that my sketchbook was filled with writing when I was younger (still do!). I wasn’t visual enough, or at least that is what I thought. But, if language is a strength, perhaps that helps me build the foundations for my visual exploration. I think it’s time to stop feeling guilty and time to keep up that writing!
  2. Create spontaneity. It sounds like an oxymoron. However, I can create an assortment of tasks that I randomly work from to brainstorm. I could also take one from The Artist’s Way and have a weekly artist date that I decide upon on the day of… I also think keeping a small notebook everywhere I go is really important if my intuition and spontaneity guide idea development. Another idea is to create works that are completely spontaneous in process. I could make available assorted materials and just MAKE. No judgement… no plan… just make. This could be a place to harness the empathy I feel for others.
  3. Incorporate social importance. To help alleviate my social guilt for my selfish creating I put 20% of every sold work into KIVA. It doesn’t fully satisfy, but it’s a start! I could also consider creating a series for different causes to help build awareness and the percentage sold from those could go to reputable foundations tied to each cause.
  4. Use timelines. This will help me manage my goals and see if I have taken too much on my plate.

BE COURAGEOUSLY CREATIVE: Can you think of other strategies for creativity? Share your thoughts and comments below.