Today I am facing one of those days where it feels challenging to create. I have so much going on logistically and emotionally that it is difficult to focus and be present. Yet some of those logistics demand that I create (one art commission, two blog posts…).  So, how does one get past this conundrum? I love lists. (Yes, hello all you A-types out there, we meet again 🙂 ).

When my mind is racing I make lists or mind maps. I love crossing stuff off my to-do list. Or, if a project that is longer term is causing me distraction, mind maps really help. Don’t know what mind mapping is? Check out my post that discusses mind mapping, Tools for Inspirational Organization. Here is my mind map I recently created for my 64 day (not that I’m counting) summer:

Carrie’s Mind Map

I like that my mind map for summer is essentially one big list but I’ve also been able to categorize by topic. It is easier for me to digest this way. And it helps me identify my priorities. For example, dying my clothes a new color is useful but if it doesn’t happen my world will not collapse. It would, however, be problematic if I fail to get my bridesmaid dress tailored and pressed before the wedding I’m in during August (lets keep the bride happy shall we?).

Being a visual person, the map and words help me see relationships between tasks in addition to priority. Does anyone who has an aural predisposition use organization strategies that cater to their strength? I would love to hear how different kinds of learners organize and goal set.

BE COURAGEOUSLY CREATIVE: Reflect. How do you organize your thoughts when you are busy? Does it help or hinder your creative process?

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