How do you manage time?
Image by Aleksandra P

Making time for the things you love.

No matter your commitments there is always a way to make time for things you love.
I have a dear friend who, from my perspective, is crazy busy. She teaches, coaches, and is almost always training for marathons. It means she wakes up really early before work to go for a run that can be several hours long. And for you non-teachers, remember school days can begin as early as 7 AM at some schools! (I hope hers is a later time).

For years I’ve cheered her on for her enthusiasm but I have always admired and even envied her dedication to her love of running. Of course her commitment to running can sometimes limit her sleep, but she does her best to balance rest and running. (I’ve taken it upon myself without her request or desire for input to worry over her about this, as I’m sure she would acknowledge).

I share her example because we can all learn from this. I’m beginning to reflect on my use of time and re-evaluate how I can better incorporate my love of art into my daily life.

  1. Pick one day per week for your creative goal. On that day promise yourself a minimum time commitment (be it 15 minutes or the whole day) dedicated to your craft. I know many writers who get up and write in the morning before everyone is awake to accomplish exactly that. This choice means you are designating a time and space for valuing something important to you.
  2. Reflect on your schedule. Is it more viable to select one day or several days of perhaps less time to reach your commitment? Here its important to consider your creative process. Is routine or time more valuable to you?
  3. Review how you move through your day. Can you be more efficient somewhere else to make room for your art? I’ve begun reading and answering my personal emails and doing some of my social networking while I’m waiting in cabs or in queues, or at the doctor’s office. It makes room for me to do more meaningful tasks at home.

BE COURAGEOUSLY CREATIVE: What is one small step you can take to show greater commitment to your creativity?