You know that voice you quieted a long time ago still cries out for it occasionally. Remember that voice? It's your inner artist, calling you to create.

Sometimes it’s all about play, but the getting started can feel scary.

Make the thing that scares you.

You know that voice you quieted a long time ago still cries out for it occasionally. Remember that voice? It’s your inner artist calling you to create. It’s the one you always have a reply for:

“I’m too busy,” “I’m too old,” “I’m bad at it,” “I don’t know where to start,” “I need more practice…”

Each one is an easy excuse. None of them actually quiet the voice.

There have been people along the way that guide you towards your heart’s desire. Some even model the life you quietly envy: mornings filled with paint, or quiet walks with furry loved ones and photographs. For some reason, or another, you just can’t quite get there. You feel like something or someone is in the way. It’s there just within arm’s reach and yet, you can’t get your fingers around it. You can’t get a good grip.

People around you are creative and choose to make but you don’t know how. That’s not you. Your sister is a painter, you can’t possibly enjoy drawing, or even painting, too.

intuitive painting, inner critic, art lessons, art resources, ideas for artOne or two people in your life have reached out and even called you on your desire. They’ve seen right through you to that voice you quieted, which calls you to create. Sometimes it hurt, being called out on this thing and so you resented them. Other people were so gentle it’s not until conscious reflection you realize their influence.

Sometimes we wait so long for “enough practice,” or “the right moment,” that we never “make” at all. We live our whole lives, or watch loved ones, make decisions that fill life with regret. And while the voice gets quieter and quieter it’s still there, reminding us of our choice not to create.

Then you find it, your one thing that helps you engage (sometimes secretly) with your interest. You don’t have to tell anyone, you don’t want to tell anyone. But you feel that glow and hear your inner voice sighing with relief. Maybe it’s a sketchbook. Art journaling. Knitting. Coloring. Your choice is yours and yours alone, and your (secret) tool becomes an ally in your journey towards Maker. It’s a beginning, and you begin to shine.

The first day you acknowledge your voice it grows a bit louder. You feel a bit excited, nervous… a bit like a kid (or teacher!) on the first day of school. New. Opportunity. Change. A fresh start.

As you make space for your creative desire, your heart blossoms, your smiles widen. People begin to ask you if you’ve lost weight, or changed your hair. It makes you smile even more. And that voice, once quieted, says, “I told you so!”

Today I’m making the thing that scares me. Maybe, if you’re lucky, I’ll show you a little. Maybe, I won’t show it to anyone. But I’m creating it. Right now.

Are you?

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BE COURAGEOUSLY CREATIVE: What is one small step you can take RIGHT NOW to make the thing that scares you? Describe that step in the comments below.