Photo by Carrie Brummer All Rights Reserved 2011

Is your work coming from an honest place or are you moving into a “no passing zone?”

There is something that can be so pure and honest about the creative process, especially when you work from a place of truth. Some may argue we all have an agenda when we create but I disagree. I create because I feel compelled to. Because I feel an adrenaline rush when I’m doing something creative. Because I want to get better, be better.

I would argue art all has intention, but not agenda.

So in answer to last week’s question is anything too personal to create? Yes and no. If you are creating from a place of honesty and good intention, create away! (And yes, I do think its possible to create an angry work with good intention).

So many artworks have been created out of shock value or novelty but I’m most drawn to artists who made art because that is what they did. Frida Kahlo kept working despite immense pain. Mozart continued to compose despite growing increasingly deaf. Their drive to create speaks volumes and artwork from that energy and space is honest, even if its hard to digest.