As Creatives we are always looking for strategies to inspire, motivate and bring new energy to a project.

The story of Joshua Allen Harris is an interesting one.  It speaks for the need of support and reinforcement in the creative process.  He has investigated the notion of movement and space in New York City by making use of the subway grilles and air ducts throughout the city.  Harris constructed animal sculptures out of plastic garbage bags that appeared just like trash on the street… that is, until an air duct inflated them!

Harris has worked on this idea for quite some time and began to lose interest.  He started investigated new ideas (as artists are prone to do, surprise).  But the power of the internet invaded like a momentous force.  Someone inspired by his works recorded images or video and posted it on the internet.  The next thing the artist knew, his work was being talked about and seen worldwide!  The spark had been cast and the fire spread quickly.  All of a sudden, there was renewed interest in this particular project on a monumental scale.

I see several lessons in this story.

(1) Fight for your good ideas!  What if a random viewer had not documented Joshua Allen Harris’ art?  Keep at your art, perhaps beyond your expectation or interest.  Perseverance could be the difference between a good idea shared with many and an idea known by only a few.

(2) Support Creatives!  Does your friend have a good idea?  Did you observe some amazing street art?  Share your experience with others!  You can then spread the wealth of art appreciation and also help support an artist and fellow Creative in their artistic project.

(3) Think outside of the box!  Working outside of the norm and society’s expectations may make room for you to create ingenious, creative, amazing things!  Do not let people’s ideas about art determine the direction of your work.

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BE COURAGEOUSLY CREATIVE: What materials or resources do you have at your disposal?  How can you use them in a different way? (Examples: paint with a spoon, write in a new space in your home, or try to interpret your idea in a new medium: draw out your story line of the novel you want to write).