1. May Porter

    Thanks for the reminder arrive “we will make bad art “, Today I’m going to celebrate “ the good, the bad and the ugly” because I showed up to make it! Showing up is “ success in my book regardless of the outcome.

    • Carrie

      Yay May! Showing up IS what matters.

  2. Mayda

    I’m tearing up. Your video touched every fear I have about “calling myself an artist” I considered myself artistic & creative in my teens & twenties, as a child family said I’d be an artist. Then life and marriage and baby happened and I recently gave in to my screaming soul to find that girl again I quit my job to be a stay at home mom and get creative again and it’s been so long I feel old & like a cheater when I am stuck and want to paint like other artwork that inspires me. There is no art community where I live and I struggle with putting myself out there. Your videos are warming me up and make my fear and thoughts feel normal and I’m starting to feel free. I’m so grateful for “your” voice. I’ve got you on repeat. I need to get this down into my soul. Thank you sincerely.

    • Carrie

      Mayda, keep trusting that inner artist asking to come out. She only wants good things for you, and to celebrate ALL of you. <3 It's important to create in the way that inspires you and TRUST that it will lead you to where you hope to go (when thinking about larger goals). I hope our community in Artist Strong can be a continued resource and support for you.

      Note: Fear is totally normal, too. It's our body's and mind's way of trying to protect us from bad things. But we don't need to be "Safe" from our hopes and dreams as creatives. Go slow and be sure to share your work with the right people as you start to feel ready. You'll know who the right people are when it's time.

      I'm here, cheering you on. <3

  3. Carmen Llovera De lopez

    Very strong concepts
    Art is a circle ⭕️ !
    Bad art is good !
    Very difficult for me when something does not come out “ good” I keep battling with it until I am satisfied
    Probably it’s a waste of energy Need to learn to let it go

    • Carrie

      Hi Carmen,

      I love the idea of art being a circle because my linear, super-achiever personality has to be at peace with process being a cycle that comes and goes as we move through an idea and our art. Here are some ideas of when I have a piece I don’t like and keep battling with:

      – paint over it
      – try it again in a new medium (sometimes I can’t paint something but it’s because it’s better as a drawing)
      – trade it with another artist friend having the same problem and finish eachother’s work
      – leave it alone and don’t look at it for several weeks, return with fresh eyes and maybe even ask a trusted artist friend for feedback

      Your energy is better served by making MORE art 🙂

  4. Judy McKenzie Daniels

    Carrie I find it hard to see my art as important enough to invest time developing a portfolio .. but your encouragement and understanding seems to seek me out and seep into my old bones. I will hang on to your wise words re “fails” and restate the goal of producing a simple batch. Thankyou.

    • Carrie

      IF you are making art and feel called to create Judy your art is important. Period. Full stop.

      I don’t think everyone needs to or should create a series of art or a portfolio, but I know many want to and I want to help those of you who do see your obstacles as stepping stones to the art life you want for yourself <3

      Simple is super smart. Why not try to create a group of 3-5 artworks along a similar theme and see what happens? You can always make your numbers bigger later...

  5. Melanie

    I have had years of art ‘education’ but I’ve never seen the process broken down in this way. It is only now that I understand the concept of ‘having a conversation’. Perhaps at art school the incentive is different – we are investigating, researching with a grade to reach, a tutor to please, a school’s standard to maintain. I read through the comments and see so many of us struggling with ‘impostor’ syndrome. We know what we are doing but there seems to be a big hole inside of us- relying on others’ judgment to pass muster as an Artist.
    Like it is the highest accolade on the planet we are not worthy of. Hang on – WHERE does this come from?
    For me, the missing link is in the understanding How I work and beginning the conscious Investigations. Through practicing at least 15 minutes a day and LOGGING what comes up in those 15 minutes (errors/questions/feelings/insights) I am beginning to see a pattern in my strengths and weaknesses. This is the part of the process that has been overlooked in the past in the race to produce the work to meet deadlines for grading. I have been going through the motions without really understanding myself/choices – so how can I do it for myself without a brief?
    Thanks again Carrie, for some quality tuition.

    • Carrie

      Melanie yes yes yes to all of the above. I was so grade oriented I never understood how to improve and if I’m honest that wasn’t my goal: good marks were. And that is what I hope to change for people in this community.

      Thank you for sharing your insights and being here part of the change ❤️

  6. Bonnie House

    I learned that I will make good art and bad art and that is not all bad. The more art I make the better. Learning from my mistakes. I did learn so far from doing art for 15 minutes that when I am painting to make sure I use the right brush. Thank you for these videos. They are very helpful.

    • Carrie

      Bonnie – YES! Yes yes yes 🙂 You are very welcome! Thanks for watching and sharing your art journey with me.


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