Wedding Invitation Fun!

Wedding Invitation Fun!

I have had another long weekend that I’m oh so grateful for. And while I’ve discussed in this blog at times I am feeling a bit stifled, I’m managing some creative activity! Yay!

Sometimes creativity expresses itself not through ebooks, artwork, or writing your memoir, but through your small daily actions or activities you commit to outside of your creative profession. And it can be in these moments that we feel sustained and fueled to do our larger works.

I discovered some amazing wedding invitations a couple designed for their wedding. Check out the link here. And thus, over my long weekend, here is my product! I thoroughly enjoyed making them, design, printing and packaging!

Cookie Recipes for my baking fun this weekend

Cookie Recipes for my baking fun this weekend

Sometimes I forget how I harness my creativity in ways other than fine arts. For example, I love baking. Especially my mother’s recipe for chocolate chip cookies. I love the texture, I love combining ingredients and I love the smell of fresh cookies out of the oven (okay, time to get some butter out). And the process can be a release in much the same way making my art can be. This is true with the invitation design above: playing in Photoshop and InDesign, arranging words, colors, fonts, all of this makes me jump back into my elements of art!

Doing these things have opened me up a bit more to taking risks and playing again. Thus, I’ve re-imagined my wedding gift for a friend, of which evidence is included here. Time to loosen up a bit.

an artist playing

an artist playing

There is something so satisfying in creating something that is used: cookies, invitations, and even jewelry. It makes me consider the Bauhaus movement and the whole “divide” between craft and fine art. There can be so much beauty in the every day.

BE COURAGEOUSLY CREATIVE: How do you imbue creativity into your every day?

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