When you get inspired to create, how does that inspiration inform your final work?

Does it have to match exactly what you imagined for you to feel the work is a success?

What happens if the work decides to be something different?

Hi my name is Carrie and here on Artist Strong I help artists like you build your skill and develop your unique artist voice. Today on Artist Strong let’s talk about whether or not expectations get in the way of a finished product.

I’ve spoken with countless creatives who express frustration that their finished artwork does not match the image in their mind. I’ve even recently had a few artists tell me they hate relying on image references and not being able to do it from their head.

Phillipa, a wonderful artist and community member here, brings up a really interesting point that I share in today’s video.

These are only a few of the questions I hope you can answer now:

  • Does the finished work meet your expectations?
  • Do expectations get in the way of a finished artwork?
  • Does an artwork really have to look like what you imagined for it to be successful?

I made mention of a blog post, How to kick your creative block to the curb, which is now linked here for you.

Take a minute, and answer one of the above questions in the comments below.

Until next time!