It’s the New Year. (Happy New Year everyone!). Every year people reflect on their previous year and it’s many adventures and bumps in the road. We wonder what we can do better, and how to continue to grow and learn. Lots of people take part in resolutions. I hope yours includes creative play! You know by now if you are a continuous reader my mission is to get everyone to incorporate creative play into their lives. It makes us happier and healthier human beings (what’s not to like again?). That’s why at the beginning of each month I offer you an activity to get those artist ideas of yours sparked. We deserve this time for ourselves and to have some fun!

Today I have a small activity for you. It can be as involved or as simple as you like. It’s about looking at the world around you with fresh eyes (appropriate for the new year, no?). How many ways can we hold greater gratitude for the large and small things around us? This exercise can help.

How can you take this exercise even further? Consider carrying your selected object around with you for 30 days. What does it look like in different kinds of light? Different locations? Different times of day? You could keep a 30 day diary of object investigation seeing how many new ways you can look at something you’ve taken for granted in your day to day.

New Year is a time for new perspectives. Use this #art activity to see the world around you with fresh eyes! (Click to Tweet)

BE COURAGEOUSLY CREATIVE: Try this activity out with some artist supplies you have laying about the house. How do you see your selected object before and after this exercise? I’d love to know! Tell me about it in the comments below.