Today in our series How to Be an Artist, our Creator Profile features multi-passionate creative Anne Ruthmann. Her work focuses on photography but she’s also about to take a hiatus to travel the world!

In this conversation we talk about:

what finding voice and style really looks like,

the problems creatives often face when pricing their work (and what to do about it),

and speak openly about being someone with many varied interests and how that’s guided her as a creative.

Despite our conversation being mostly about trusting the process (and journey), she has a really concrete approach to pricing work, and we talk about WHY.If you are curious about the path to voice as a photographer, face obstacles when it comes to pricing your creative work, or can relate to having many interests as a creative, enjoy our conversation here:

Special thank you to Anne for her time and thoughtful conversation. You can learn more about her work on her website here.

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My introductory self portrait for altered books class. last time i ran the course i investigated humor through romance novels. this time i want to do something for my father. a year ago i was in india having the time of my life at a yoga festival. wh

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