Today is a mishmash of resources on the internet and elsewhere that I have found inspiring.

1.  I’ve mentioned in previous posts my penchant towards introversion. This is a great video that discusses the strengths of both extroverted and introverted leadership. How can this apply to creativity? Perhaps as an introvert you are less heard because extroverts dominate conversation; this doesn’t mean their ideas are better but it does mean their ideas may be heard first.

2.  This video is a great reminder of ways to incorporate creativity into your life and help your creative practice. Creativity takes effort!

29 Ways to Stay Creative

3.  Are We Becoming Cyborgs? This article has three inspired minds discussing the huge change technology and the internet has brought to our culture and considers the larger implications this could have for our society (think brain chemistry and wiring, and consequently, behavior).

4.  Spreading Hope This is an article I wrote about the man Kerry Cook, who practices a life of forgiveness and fighting for what he believes in. He shares this with people all over the world despite the atrocities he has faced in his own life. Amazing man. Gotta read his book or at least learn about him through this article!

5.  Without Fear or Favour – This is a really interested documentary on famous artist Ai Weiwei. Worth every minute of your time.

6. 101 Things to Learn in Art School is a great book a friend gifted me. It can inform your creative practice!

BE COURAGEOUSLY CREATIVE: Other resources you find inspiring? Join the conversation and share below.