Aspiring to more

Just last night I read the latest Corbett Barr post at Think Traffic.  He was speaking about the enormous number of blogs available to readers and how great blogs set themselves apart.  Yes, social media and networking is important, but content is king (I am sure I’ve heard someone use this phrase before, tell me and I’ll link your article!).

I have been working hard on my blog continuously but it is time for some reflection.  Take this as your opportunity to reflect on your projects.

How is my content helping others?

One thing I value most is my sincere desire to help others. (I know of no teachers who choose education for the money.)  I teach for the same reason I began Artist Strong, I want to help.  I believe blogging will allow me to reach a greater number of people than remaining in my classroom.

I want to clearly categorize how I plan to help readers of Artist Strong.  I want to share content that:

INSPIRES. Reading about other creatives on their artistic journeys should help readers reflect and enjoy the process and struggle we all share in goal setting.

CHALLENGES. I want to help readers see how CONTEXT affects their lives, how stereotypes inside and outside of the art world dictate policies and choices, and offer creative exercises that get readers to move outside of their comfort zones.

SUPPORTS. I want readers to feel like they can ask questions, that someone understands how scary artistic process can be, and that someone is listening and knows the challenge of reaching for their dreams.

REFLECTS. I want to share with my readers my own unique experiences to emphasize the ideas above.  Living in the UAE and traveling throughout the Middle East and elsewhere has opened my eyes and I want to share that with readers.  I want to encourage Americans especially to travel outside of the borders of the US of A and realize just how much else is out there (there is more than you can imagine, and it opens your eyes, I promise!).  I want to talk about CULTURAL NORMS and societal expectations, preconceived notions and the personal extension that comes from the challenge of travel.

Who is Artist Strong’s readership?

ART STUDENTS. IB Visual Arts students conduct the kind of research and thinking that has inspired this blog.  Students going through courses on aesthetics, culture, social influence, etc. should all consider Artist Strong articles food for thought.

ART LOVERS. I am constantly on the search for new artists of interest.  Artist Strong also shares art appreciation, cultural moments and art theoretical questions.

GOAL SETTERS. Artist Strong offers advice and counsel on strategies for goal setting and give real-life stories of goal setters for inspiration.

DREAMERS. Artist Strong offers inspirational people to read about and tangible strategies to work towards personal dreams.

ART FEARFUL. This is an opportunity to reflect on why people are fearful: does your fear or jealousy of others’ creative endeavors drive you away from your own secret dreams?

What can you do to help?

Blogging can sometimes feel like teaching: you try and try to reach out and help people.  You usually do, but you never hear how it has helped or realize you have affected others.  You can help Artist Strong:

  • Leave a comment on a useful article
  • Share which content you want further developed
  • Email suggestions of quality Creatives to interview
  • Share my content on Twitter, FB, or where ever else your heart fancies
  • Subscribe to receive emails when I post content

(As a side note, this is me also emphatically stating that if you had a teacher that has helped form your life for the better, TELL THEM.  So many people give up on teaching because they feel like they haven’t made a difference and too many people wait until it is too late to share it.  Yes, your teacher will probably remember you and it will only take you 5 minutes to write up an email that says, thanks.  If they don’t remember you?  It will still feel good anyway 🙂 )

Many people argue that a mark of civilization is cultivated arts appreciation and support. Help Artist Strong by spreading the word of creative minds.

Thank you.  Thank you for taking the time to check out Artist Strong.  I hope you find the inspiration, challenge and motivation you seek.

A special thanks to Corbett Barr for making me truly reflect on my content and goals for Artist Strong.