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Staying organized is perhaps one of the hardest things to do but absolutely essential to our creative success.  Some people are fortunate enough to know the right people or somehow fall into their success but even these individuals need organization to drive and promote their success.  Success, how ever you measure it, can be overwhelming and hard to believe (am I really so lucky or talented?!); being organized makes sure you can focus your energy on being present in your moment and your work instead of worrying about which commission is due next!

Suggestions to stay organized:

Pick a day.

Select one day per week where you spend 15 minutes reflecting on your monthly tasks and goals.  Have a calendar or journal where you can document due dates, new ideas, meetings, etc.  Keep it with you all the time for easy reference.

Create a planning wall.

I want to have a studio space where I cover one wall in cork-board so I can use it as a visual planning/mapping space.  Why not create a space in your home dedicated to your brainstorms and planning?  You will always know where to go and reference previous ideas, appointments you make, and everything else that keeps life busy.

Buy Art Office. (Affiliate)

I just got out my copy and started looking through it again.  It has every imaginable form an artist might need, from monthly goal-setting to gallery contract agreements.

If you are not a visual artist or want to organize for free I have sites that can lead you to free templates and additional organizing tips:


Free trial of Smart Draw – Organizational charting software

File Guru – Organize everything in your life and on your computer

Microsoft Office templates – Get everything out of your Microsoft Office

Websites for Organizing:

Organizing for Everyone

Organizing Guru

Home Organize

And the COOLEST organizing tool of them all?  I literally just had a friend post this on Facebook ON the day I was writing this (thank you synchronicity!).  Idea Paint. You can literally make the walls of your home like dry erase boards but without environment concern.  AND, when you move people can just paint over it!  Thanks Tony for the share, I may get it for my new apartment 🙂

Use one of these strategies or all of them, but if you know you aren’t organized you MUST start somewhere!  If you really aim to be successful don’t let disorganized actions and plans trip up your dream.

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BE COURAGEOUSLY CREATIVE: Go to one of the template sites and select one template you know will be helpful in your everyday and download it!

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