Are you willing to stop and consider a new path to your creativity?

About one year ago I was blessed two times over with a job opportunity and a marriage proposal from the man I love. Doors were opening left and right and my life was about abundance. I felt so empowered and charged with this feeling of innate responsibility and purpose. Moments like that are rare and wonderful, so I did my best to savor it, take it in, and let it slowly move from opportunity to practice.


The professional change was scary and empowering. I place a LOT of responsibility upon myself to do well and I felt called to help my community, which is why I decided to take the job. In the interview, all parties were well aware of my creative endeavors and need for expression. They asked me how I would navigate that need and interest while also dedicating the time I need to my new position. I shrugged it off and admitted it was a concern but that I knew once I developed a routine and established myself in the position I would find it easier to make time for my creativity. At home, I shared fears with loved ones about finding that balance but that I was determined to realize it.


It’s now present day and somehow I am blessed yet again with that feeling of abundance. I have worked my @ss off at my new job and I believe have helped move the community to positive change and a slightly new direction. And yet again, opportunity has knocked on my door. And as quickly as I have accepted this new role, I have also left it behind.


This entire year I have struggled and fought to make time for my art. It has been exhausting, emotionally and physically, to make time for my art. And yes, I have done so. I have continued blogging, writing, painting and drawing and taking photographs. Despite this drive and commitment to keep this integrated, I knew I was placing all of this on a shelf for a time-out, for a small hiatus, as I worked in this new professional setting because I only have so much time and energy in my day. And despite knowing this, and still making art, I have felt spiritually void. Art was so much a priority and focus in my previous role that it naturally integrated into my everyday, in a way it does not in my current role.


New visual opportunities await me in Oman!

Do you ever feel like life throws you curve balls that are actually blessings? Come the end of July, I will be completing my job in this new role and taking a year off. A year off! I have never imagined doing so in my entire life. I’ve been in an education system either as a student or teacher/administrator since I started preschool at the age of 4. And beginning in August, I will have no bells, no timetables, no classrooms, and no one to hold me accountable for how I use my time (my then husband might beg to differ!). And not only that I will be moving countries to Oman: a beautiful, friendly country that I can’t wait to further explore; my camera is ready!


You can expect some big changes in the coming months to Artist Strong. I plan to write more and post more, I plan to redesign my site, and I plan to reflect on the transition to full time artist/writer and the journey that entails. How will I manage my time and navigate goals? I was just reading a great blog post by Patrick Ross that speaks to how once people leave structure of environments such as a masters program it becomes difficult for some to create. The openness and freedom that many hope for becomes stifling with no external deadlines and accountability. I hope you, my readers, will become my accountability and my venue to celebrate the trials and opportunities of becoming a full time artist.

Artist Strong Action: Are you ready for change? Are you willing to embrace the change as opportunity in your life?