Some people feel silly when asked to participate in “children’s games.” It makes them feel awkward and uncomfortable. In fact, it appears as if someone asked them to eat an unusual dish for their palette, or to smell something particularly fragrant. Why? Why are we resistant to our inner child? Why are we resistant to our natural desire to be creative?

Today I encourage you to face that resistance by playing with art materials: wax, and water-based paint. This is a fun exercise many art teachers use that involves crayons and water-based paint. It is an easy enough technique to learn, and ALL ages can benefit and apply this technique to their art. I’ve seen countless underwater ocean scenes with wax resist. Instead of going underwater, however, I’m going to encourage you to think big (that is part of facing resistance, anyhow). Let’s look to the stars and create a wax resist artwork inspired by the universe we all live in.

Here are some royalty free images of space you can choose from courtesy of PixaBay. You have two choices: to find an image you wish to copy exactly, or to be loosely inspired by your image reference. I encourage students to do the latter: if you want to create artwork that is a true reflection of you, copying images other people photograph is not the way to find your voice. Being loosely inspired by an image allows you a bit more creative influence and direction for your own creation.

Sometimes we forget how small we are in this huge, ever expanding universe. We are but flecks of sand on a much larger beach. Yet, we fight our very nature, resistant to it. Rather than celebrate what comes naturally (being creative, exploring new creative ideas like enthusiastic children), we hold back. Something, sometime, somewhere, someone has told us to be creative is to stand out, and to stand out is to stand apart. The funny thing is each fleck of sand is completely unique. Alone, a piece of sand is not much to write home about, but together? We travel all over our planet to seek out the prettiest beaches. It takes each unique piece of sand to create the whole.

So, what are you waiting for?

Learn more about wax resist: Go to my Pinterest Board Wax Resist Techniques. I made it just for you.

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BE COURAGEOUSLY CREATIVE: Complete today’s artwork and share it with me! I would love to see it. Share it on Twitter and give @ArtistStrong a shout. 🙂 Or post it on Facebook. In the comments below, tell me how you navigate feelings of resistance to your creativity in your life.