Did you know that drawing or painting from observational reference can take a whole different set of skills than drawing from photo reference?

Hi my name is Carrie and I want you to proudly call yourself artist. Here on Artist Strong I help people like you build your skill and develop your unique artist voice.

In today’s video I want to discuss the differences between drawing from life and drawing from photo reference.

I’ve found that people who become proficient in drawing from photo reference are sometimes surprised at how their skill there does not immediately translate into drawing from live observation. 

Here’s the thing: it’s two separate skills!

When you switch to a new medium, do you expect your skill level to be at the same level as a medium you are more proficient in?

It can feel frustrating because it feels like we are regressing when it comes to skill development but that’s not true. What IS true is that we are learning something new. Again. 😀

I hope today’s breakdown has you thinking about these two skill sets separately and that you consider whether one or both best suits YOUR goals as an artist.

For me, my personal definition of success includes being skillful, so developing both skill sets helps my confidence to show up and take risks with my art. 

What’s true for me may not be true for you.

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Remember: proudly call yourself Artist. We are Artist Strong. Thanks for watching and see you next time.