Original Post October 20, 2010

I had already spent several hours writing a longer post to supplement my upcoming absence on Friday but since it decided to disappear into the internet ether (sigh, I thought it was a good one too!), I am taking it as a sign that this entry must be simple and to the point.

Artwork by Carrie Brummer, Copyright 2010

So, this is a quick note to tell you I will not be conducting my regular post on Friday as I am going on digital sabbatical for my weekend (starting Thursday afternoon until Saturday).  What is a digital sabbatical you ask?  Tammy Strobel does a great job of explaining it.  So click here to read more.  Enjoy and “see” you Monday!

BE COURAGEOUSLY CREATIVE: Consider taking some time away from the internet, or check your email only once a day.  How much time do you waste checking email when you could be out at the beach, BBQing with friends, or out for a bike ride? What other things could you be doing (or accomplishing) instead!?