Today in our series How to Be an Artist, our Creator Profile features documentary filmmaker Gabriela (Gaby) Warrior Renaud. She’s currently working on a full-length documentary called Hyphen, all about the experience of being mixed race in Canada.

In this conversation, we talk about what it’s like to create a film, and how style and voice is expressed in film compared to other media.

Curious about film as a medium? Interested in multiculturalism in Canada? Or want some advice because you’ve always wanted to dabble in film but have been too scared to start? Meet Gaby.Gabriela shares an overview of her project Hyphen, born out of her own desire to feel whole within a fragmented identity.

We discuss creative process, which is a bit different than how a painter or mixed media art might approach creation.

A big surprise in our conversation was Gaby’s response to the question, “when is an artwork finished?”

If you are curious about film as a medium, interested in learning more about multiculturalism in Canada, or want some advice because you’ve always wanted to dabble in film but have been too scared to start. You can enjoy our conversation here:

Special thank you to Gabriela for her time and thoughtful conversation. You can catch a previous of her documentary Hyphen and learn more about her work on her website here.

And if you want to join me live for a future Creator Profile be sure to join our free Facebook Group called Becoming Artist Strong. You can request membership here.

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